11 Things to see in Tallinn, Estonia

Things to see in Tallinn

  If you want to learn more about the history of this Baltic state, this museum is exactly what you’re looking for. It consists out of 76 buildings, spread over 80 hectares of forest land, which tell the story of hundreds of years of history. It’s so big that there’s a church, inn, fire department and a few school buildings …

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Tallinn to Helsinki with the ferry

Tallinn to Helsinki ferry

Around 9:30 AM I arrived in the easternmost Scandinavian country, and after walking about fifteen minutes I could drop off my heavy backpack at the hostel. The difference in prices with Tallinn could not be greater. Easily doubled, but usually tripled or even more. Doing a culinary trip around the restaurants of Helsinki like I did in Tallinn won’t make it this time, I think… …

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Amazing restaurants in Tallinn

Rataskaevu 16 Tallinn

During almost all my travels I have used TripAdvisor to find restaurants that are worth their price. That and tips from locals or guides pretty much always give me some mouth-watering moments in restaurants. In Tallinn I went crazy on all of the good restaurants, because they were not very expensive. And enjoying life never hurts, right? Definitely one of the best …

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Riga to Tallinn

Tallinn Estonia

For two euros I take the tram and fifteen minutes later I arrive at my hostel for the next three nights: the United Backpackers Hostel. Cheap, clean, friendly staff. What would a backpacker want more? Earplugs maybe, because my two neighbors seem to organise a snoring contest every night. Well… Staying at youth hostels doesn’t only have advantages! It’s true what they say. …

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