The best time and place to see the northern lights: the ultimate aurora borealis guide

  It pretty much comes down to collisions between electrically charged particles of the sun entering our atmosphere. You can see these lights above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. In the north they are known as “aurora borealis” and in the south as “aurora australis”. These lights come in all kinds of colors, although green and …

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Whale watching in Norway

whale watching norway

Along the article, you can also find my favorite tours from GetYourGuide. I used them myself to book my whale watching trip and since I was very happy with their service, I can recommend them to you too. They’re easy to use and book with and you can cancel every tour up to 24 hours in advance.   There are …

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The Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

We had now seen everything south of Svolvaer. But there was still a lot to discover along the north side of the Lofoten Islands! Travel brochures, travel agencies and blogs didn’t really help us with looking for fun activities in the northern parts of the Lofoten, and so we decided to just take a leap in the dark. The northernmost point where we could …

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Reine and Å in the Lofoten

Reine - Lofoten, Norway

Today we left much earlier so that we would have plenty of time to see everything we wanted to. Although we took exactly the same route as yesterday it was often hard to keep my eyes on the road. The nature in Norway is breathtakingly beautiful, and you always see something new appearing! Just over an hour later, we arrived on some yet …

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Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten, Norway

The gate of the Hurtigruten ship opened and we were welcomed immediately by a pungent fishy smell. The salty smell was so strong that some people immediately pinched their noses. Packed and ready we stepped away from this floating luxury hotel to the port terminal of Svolvaer. Svolvaer is the largest town on the Lofoten Islands, and from here it …

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Hurtigruten in Norway

Norway Hurtigruten

After an exhausting Husky safari we still had plenty of time to enjoy Tromsø and think back to the last days. Tonight we were taking the famous Hurtigruten boat to the Lofoten Islands. The most beautiful islands of Norway, and according to some even of the world. Hurtigruten is a Norwegian company that has transported passengers around the arctic circle …

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Husky safari Norway

husky safari norway tromso

Not only the several feet of snow, hills and whitewashed plants and trees made this area so beautiful. Behind the building where we had to sign up there were (!) 300 huskies who were obviously very excited about the new visitors. Granted, it was not easy to resist the barking cries of these adorable dogs! But we had to contain our …

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Return to Norway!

Tromsø, Norway

Flights from Brussels to Tromsø are no fun. What normally would take about four hours, now takes double. Three planes and a lot of waiting time. Because the last few months I kept obsessing about Norway to my mother, she decided to travel with me to this beautiful country. I wasn’t worried, but I was thinking about the thick snow and the active trips. …

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Arrival in… Reykjavik!


I don’t like to have little time when going to the airport and already had several scenarios playing through my head about what could possible go wrong. Of course the Flybussen picked me, and plenty of others, up right on time. And with an hour I had enough time to board my flight to Oslo. The second flight, to Reykjavík, was …

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Last day in Tromsø

Me and Danique decide to go to the west of the island to take a look at the beautiful coast. There isn’t a lot of daylight, so we definitely need to go while we still can. Before we arrive there, we first took a peek into the Tromsø museum. The Dutch people know how to save money:  “Two student entrances, please …

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Whales and northern lights

noorwegen aurora borealis

  We’re in luck, because the guide on the bus is very knowledgeable and likes to share everything he knows. He tells us more about whales, but also about the Sami. The original inhabitants of this region. While driving, we see some beautiful reindeers grazing on the white planes, while a cold winterstorm rages over them. Forty minutes later, the …

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Husky safari in Tromsø!

husky slee tromso

The central location for tours and day trips is only a ten minute walk from my hostel. At eight thirty half of the airport seems to wait at the Radison Blu Hotel to start their active day, exploring Tromsø. I walk up to the hotel and gape at the beautiful view you have over Tromsø from here. The city is …

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Tromsø, the capital of the arctic

tromso noorwegen blog kampvuur

These things happen, and you can’t let it control your lives! Otherwise I’m sure I would never dare to travel again. My flight was a lot more prosperous (except for the twenty minutes of delay, but that is not bad at all!). Two hours later, I arrived 1500 kilometers further north. Today, I arrived in Tromsø. The city that is …

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Fjorden in Bergen

bergen fjorden noorwegen

Sigh, rubbing my eyes, yawn, stretch. I have to get out of my bed! Half an hour later, after putting on several layers of clothing again, I check my backpack and camera to make sure everything is okay before I leave. The trip to the Norse fjords starts at 10 AM from the cosy harbour. It’s a lot colder than …

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Bergen, Norway

bergen noorwegen

The more I think about it, the less I like Copenhagen. I must admit that the city itself is gorgeous, but the people are just not very kind… Probably I was just out of luck, because from other people I heard later that they didn’t meet any unkind people in Copenhagen. Anyway… I was happy to go on to my …

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