Driving around in Aruba

It is my last day here! Meanwhile, I met a boy, Jose, with who I had some strong drinks back on the beach.
Today he took me on an exploration through the small island with his car. We started far too early, because yesterday evening got quite late...

The alto vista chapel in Aruba. One of the few tourist hotspots on the small island!

The alto vista chapel in Aruba. One of the few tourist hotspots on the small island!

My alarm clock sounded horrible after only having slept for three hours.
I didn’t want to skip today though, because I really like the island and I still wanted to explore it a little more. At ten o’clock we could then really leave and go see the tourist hotspots of Aruba!

We started with a little stop at the supermarket to buy some energy drinks for our upcoming trip. Then we went to the Alto Vista chapel.
We saw the very small chapel somewhere on a remote location on the island. I called it the Lourdes of Aruba, because on the way to it, you will find a lot of white crucifixes for the pilgrims who are hiking to this chapel.
The nature around the small chapel is also very nice. The dry desert is filled with cacti of all shapes, sizes and colors and reach as far as the eye can see.
Unfortunately it gets a bit touristy and all tours seem to have included this chapel into their itineraries.

The original natural bridge collapsed several years ago. This is the 'baby bridge'.

The original natural bridge collapsed several years ago. This is the ‘baby bridge’.

After a brief photo stop we went to another famous attraction on the island. The Natural Bridge. A bridge that has been formed by the raging sea and now offers a very nice view of the sea. Unfortunately, the original bridge collapsed several years ago and you can now only see the debris and his baby brother bridge at this spot.
The smaller bridge is still very beautiful and well worth a visit. Even if only to see the beautiful surrounding nature.
Not far from the bridge, you can also find an old house where miners stayed. You will find thousands of small stone piles that have accumulated. Tourists began creating them and obviously tourists liked it… Because now you see thousands of these piles lined up.

The last part of the day, we spend at the other side of the island. A beautiful beach called Baby Beach. The water is so shallow here, that it got named after babies! Or maybe it’s because of the baby blue color? Who know?!

Baby Beach in Aruba!

Baby Beach in Aruba!

On the way to this beach Jose showed me another, more impressive, miners building. Here we saw no tourists. At the place where we parked, you could see a big black spot.
Jose told me that a few months ago a gruesome discovery was made near this place. A burning car was found with a corpse in the trunk.
This place suddenly became much scarier! But still … Nice!

Tens of minutes later we arrived at the small but beautiful beach. I had not eaten all day and it was already after two. So I was very hungry / hangry.
Luckily there was a restaurant near the Beach -with a Flinstones themed interior- where we could eat a burger.

Having gobbled my food and some more of Jose’s fries, we finally went to sit at the beach and planted ourselves down between one of the tents that we could find on the beach.
In order to avoid the heat a bit, we went in the water and we chatted there while looking at the many tourists and locals enjoying this gorgeous beach.

At five o’clock Jose had to work, so we took off, leaving this beautiful place behind. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about traveling to far places. You know you won’t see the people you’ve met for a long time coming…

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving to Curacao!

Meeting some of the locals of Aruba while leaving Baby Beach!

Meeting some of the locals of Aruba while leaving Baby Beach!

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