Food poisoning in Mexico

Today, I'd do the second trip I had planned through my hostel. A tour to three underground cenotes. It was impossible to get worse than yesterday, or at least that's what I thought... After being picked up half an hour late, I think it was really better to have canceled the tour. Since this was kind of a costly tour, I decided to go on anyway.

Being sick at a Cenote that looks so appealing is not really great...

Being sick at a Cenote that looks so appealing is not really great…

I don’t think I could enjoy one single minute of this full day, because it seemed I only got sicker and sicker as time went on.
After I had seen two cenotes, I decided together with the guide that maybe it was better to just go home.

From the bus station of Tulum he put me on the bus to Cancun and about two hours later I was already in bed. Normally I would take my third and final tour tomorrow, but with my current situation, I would simply not be able to enjoy that one either.
Fortunately the company that I had my last excursion with, wasn’t being difficult about it and changed dates without extra charges. So I would eventually still see Chichen Itza, but now I would see it on monday.

Instead of my trip to the impressive Chichen Itza, I did  a trip to the doctor.
He told me that I flu, food poisoning and pneumonia. I was glad I had not received a nasty disease of a little bug or something. So I swallowed pill after pill during the next days so that hopefully I would feel a little better.
Because I was still so sick after three days, I decided to cancel my plane ticket to Mexico City. I was very disappointed, because that was one of the places I had been looking forward to since the beginning of my trip. I was surely thinking of my trip to Mexico to be a little more fun. Because lying in a bed all week, in a tropical country is not at all fun!

Soon enough it was Monday already, and it was actually the first day that I started to feel a tiny bit better.
The many antibiotic pills certainly had helped me to recover, but because of the heavy medication, I was still tired.

Posing in front of Chichen Itza! A gorgeous Mayan temple!

Posing in front of Chichen Itza! A gorgeous Mayan temple!

Luckily I was able this to have a more pleasant experience at a Mayan temple this time. The Chichen Itza temple wastruly beautiful!
It absolutely got why it was called one of the new world wonders.

The entire area was filled with small and bigger temples and stalls selling souvenirs.
As it was still quite early when we arrived, the tourist numbers were limited. Therefore we got an excellent view of the magnificent Mayan temple!
When we finally started our guided tour, there were already a lot more day trippers coming in.

I then walked around on my own to visit the beautiful temples, which reminded me a bit of the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, but soon enough I was tired again.
I was far from healed and needed some quiet and piece soon.
After walking and sitting in the stifling heat for so long, the cool bus was very welcome.

It got even cooler when half an hour later we jumped into a beautiful cenote. This was definitely the most beautiful underground cave that I had seen so far.
In the middle of the water there was a small path from where you could dive into the water.

My powers were still not quite back so I decided just to get in the shallow water and enjoy the beauty of nature.
The cenotes were a large part of the Mayan culture. In their eyes it was considered the underworld.

Valladolid. A beautiful city near Cancun.

Valladolid. A beautiful city near Cancun.

The last stop we made was in Valladolid. Once this was one of the most important cities in the Yucatan. Now it is mainly a tourist hotspot due to its beautiful Spanish colonial buildings.
The guide had told us already at the beginning of this tour that here they sell delicious coconut ice cream, and since I felt already a lot better, I decided to test his judgment.

He had not lied! The inexpensive and refreshing ice cream was very yummy!

Chichen Itza was beautiful, but I felt I still had to rest more the next few days. Besides doing a trip to the beautiful Isla de Mujeres I did not do much more.

I’ve never had problems with street food, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!
Don’t let your trip to Mexico be spoiled, and make sure you always eat well. It might cost you a little more, but you will lose at least a week of your vacation if you get sick!

Tomorrow I leave for Cuba. Originally I had planned to visit seven cities, but right now I think I might take my time a little more… I don’t want to rush and feel sick again!
Anyway, I’m looking forward to the last part of my vacation through the Caribbean! Cuba was after all the reason why I planned this trip.

Beautiful Isla Mujeres. A short ferry ride from Cancun.

Beautiful Isla Mujeres. A short ferry ride from Cancun.

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