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A lovely day doing nothing can be fun in a nice hostel on a tropical island. Tropical doesn't only mean sun, I noticed. During almost the whole day, it has been pouring non-stop. It seems I picked the perfect day to not do anything today!

The El Yunque waterfall in Puerto Rico. The only rainforest in the United States!

The El Yunque waterfall in Puerto Rico. The only rainforest in the United States!

In the evening some new people arrived in the hostel, like Steve. An Irishman who lived in New York.

He really wanted to do a tour tomorrow, so I invited him to come with me and Genesis tomorrow. Win-win for both of us! Because the cost of my tour got cut in half. Nice!

The next morning we were picked up by Genesis from Cumba tours. She told us that it might not be possible to go to the Limestone Caves because in the north of the island many roads were flooded, and thus the entrance to the cave was completely under water. It was just not safe enough to go there right now.

Of course I was a little bit disappointed, but better safe than sorry!

The El Yunque rainforest didn’t seem to be a problem though. There were some small waterways forming, but nothing to worry about.
The El Yunqua rainforest is without a doubt the number one attraction among tourists. Even on this bleak day, you could see loads of tourists getting in and out of their tour busses to visit the only rain forest in the United States.

I was very happy that I didn’t book a tour with another company, because these tours normally just bring you there with a guide and then let you walk a bit.
Genesis drove us around on the roads, and then showed us some of the best spots. We visited the lighthouse, some waterfalls and some other fun viewpoints.

The Irisman and me decided we didn’t really want to go hiking through the jungle, since it would take up too much time, and since we also wanted to go see some other things besides this forest as well.

Genesis called one last time to check if the Lime Caves had maybe cleared of the excess water, but to no avail. Luckily, Genesis knew plenty of other places that were gorgeous enough to make up for the loss of the limestone caves.

The Poza de lo Biscea beach. The high waves are actually pretty scary once you get to deep into the sea!

The Poza de lo Biscea beach. The high waves are actually pretty scary once you get to deep into the sea!

Instead, Genesis decided that we should go to the Cuevo del Indio. The cave of the Indians.

Before we visited this natural wonder, our private guide of Cumbo tours stopped at the Priest Beach or the Poza de lo biscea. This small beach was very popular amongst locals, because I don’t think I saw other tourists besides us two.
The small beach was secluded into a sort of natural pool by giant rocks. Every time the high waves came splashing over these rocks and it created an even higher wave.

This wild water had created some sort of attraction. Lots of people jumped into the water and tried to get as close as possible to the rocks before they pushed you back to the shore.

A lot of fun, but at a certain moment the sea was done playing games. I began to realize that it had become quite dangerous doing so, because I was drawn into the open sea. Instead of playing on, I decided to swim back to the beach. The waves had become a lot higher and there were a lot of rocks that kept scraping me when I twirled around in the open water. Auch!

I got very scared because I couldn’t manage to get to the shore right away. Eventually, I finally managed to set foot on land again. While I was panting, trying to catch my breath, I couldn’t find Steve anywhere anymore. Pretty much everyone was out of the water, and the only two guys still in there were Steve and another guy.
They both were quite far away and they looked extremely pale and scared because of the sudden angry sea. I didn’t know what to do, and just when I decided to try and help them, Steve grabbed onto some of the rocks and pushed himself and the guy ashore.

A few seconds later, the water became even wilder and suddenly the skies burst out as well. It didn’t take any longer than five seconds for our towels and backpacks to become soaking wet.

I still was breathing rapidly, and the Irishman still was sitting down, big eyed and scared panting like he just escaped death. Genesis ran towards us and told us she was all worried because she noticed that we were in trouble.

Pfooh! Luckily all worked out fine! Eventually we laughed it all away and we went on to our next destination: the cave of the indians!

There were several ways to get in there, and one of them was to walk through private property. However, they wanted to charge $5 per person and Genesis simply refused to pay that, since the caves were owned by the government and not private property.

Instead, we walked on the beach and climbed onto the sea caves.

The entrance to the Indian cave, which didn't cost us nothing!

The entrance to the Indian cave, which didn’t cost us nothing!

Once we climbed on top of the rocks, the view from was phenomenal. And everytime I thought it couldn’t become better, it absolutely did.

With the help of a giant ladder you could climb into one of the caves. One part was completely dry, another part was slowly flooding by the sea water.

In the dry part you could see some old drawings that were made by the original inhabitants of this island; the Indians.

We were all very impressed by this not so touristy place and stayed there for at least an hour.

All the other tourists just checked out the caves and then went back to their cars. Genesis said that she didn’t understand why people didn’t try to explore a bit more, because there was a lot more to see if you just walked a tiny bit further. We climbed back up and walked over the gigantic rock formations that were carved out by the sea.

The view was beautiful! I think we must’ve been a couple of hundreds of metres above the sea. Because of the stormy weather, it seemed that some of these formations could break down any minute now.

We went ever further and each rock formation we climbed was completely unique. “It gets better!” said Genesis again and again. And indeed, she did not lie. At the end you got a great view over the rock formations we just climbed on.

We went down to another beach which was completely covered by green moss. Gorgeous! I never expected that nature in Puerto Rico could be so beautiful!

We ended the day with some tasty pinchos (Pieces of chicken or pork on a stick with a delicious barbecue sauce!).

At the beginning of the day I had already planned that I wanted to go out tonight, but honestly… I just felt too tired of this extremely long and exciting day.

Cumbo tours was a hidden gem! Definitely one of the nicest, friendliest and best tours I have taken so far.

If you are in Puerto Rico and would like to tour around with Genesis you can reach her at +1 (787) 233-3535 or through her Facebook page.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Puerto Rico already. Gosh… I wished I had stayed a little longer! Puerto Rico sure was one of my favorite destinations in the Caribbean so far!

Inside the Indian caves. Puerto Rico has some amazing sights to discover!

Inside the Indian caves. Puerto Rico has some amazing sights to discover!


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