The waterfront of Bergen is a collection of old trading houses that are located along the harbor of the city. In 1070 the houses were already built, but large parts of the homes were destroyed by several fires. Since 1979 the beautiful shops are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Bryggen, Bergen, Noorwegen

The houses are white, yellow and red colored and in the past  were used for ‘Hanzen’. A kind of important agencies for traders.
Because of two large fires in Bergen the properties were completely destroyed. Only after 1955 the houses were again built back to their original glory.

In winter, there is relatively little to do in this area, but during the summer there’s lots to do. In front of the cute houses, a lot of terraces are installed and make it one of the most beautiful spots in Bergen.

You’ll have the best view of Bryggen at the other side of the waterfront, or even better, from the water itself! If you do a fjord tour, it is likely that you start from the quay opposite to Bryggen. Keep your camera near as you can take beautiful pictures.

Don’t just walk in front of the Bryggen houses, try to find one of the narrow streets and enter. Here you can see the beautiful woodwork. Just as if you were teleported back in time!

Bryggen in Bergen, Noorwegen.

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway.

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