The fløibanen is the only funicular railway in Norway and carries over one million passengers a year and drops them off at Mount Fløyen. From the top of the mountain, you get a spectacular view of the city and the North Sea meandering through the fjords.

Fløibanen Bergen, Noorwegen.

The entire project begun in 1914 and was completed in 1918. Fortunately, there have been made some adjustments since then. In 2004, for example, new cars were placed on the railway. These new carriages consist largely of glass, allowing tourists to now have a much better view during their ride.

From Bryggen you can walk in about five minutes to the unmistakable building from where the cable car leaves.
Once you have bought the tickets at the box office or through a vending machine, you can wait for the cable car that will pick you up. On average, there are connections every twenty minutes.

In total there are three stops. To completely reach the top you have to wait until the last stop. The complete ride takes between five and six minutes.

Once you’ve arrived at Mount Fløyen you are welcome by a windy view which stretches for miles on end. In summer, the temperature is much more pleasant than in the winter. It is no exception that the steps fill up with people who want to enjoy the view for a little longer. Especially when sunrise or sundown starts.

If you don’t mind walking back down, walk behind the station and go to the left. Here you will see a big path that runs through a forest. From there you also have a very nice view. The entire trek down takes you an hour / hour and a half.


Fløibanen, uitzicht over bergen.

The view from Mount Fløyen.

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