The top attraction in Reykjavik is the Hallgrímskirkja or the Hallgríms Church. The concrete structure was inspired by volcanic basalt formations that are found throughout Iceland. The 75-meter high building took more than thirty years to finish. Be sure to take a look inside the tower. Here, you'll get a beautiful view over the city.


The Hallgrims Church is probably the most famous building in Iceland. In 1937, the idea for the church had sprouted in the mind of Samuel Guðjón. Only eight years later, the construction began and 41 years later the construction works finally came to an end.



Church tower

The church tower is 75m high. Which immediately makes it the highest building in Reykjavík. The tower is excellent to take a look over the cute houses of the city.
To go up you must first buy a ticket at the church store. Per person it will cost 500 ISK. Then you need to wait for the elevator. If there are a lot of people, this might take a while since there are only six people at a time allowed to take the elevator.
At the top you get a great view, but to even get a better view, you need to step up the stairs. From there you can get some beautiful, panoramic views of the city while looking through the bars.

Binnen in de Hallgrimskirkja.

Inside the Hallgrimskirkja.

Inside the Hallgrimskirkja

To see the rest of the church you don’t have to pay anything. Once you’ve walked through the massive gate, you enter a very sober white interior. Surprising! Because the exterior of the hallgrims church is completely the opposite.

At the top of the building, you’ll notice a pipe organ from fifteen meters high. The giant musical instrument weighs 25 tons and consists of more than 5000 pipes! Every Sunday at eleven o’clock there is a church ceremony. If you would like to see this huge organ in action, this is the perfect opportunity.



The huge square that lies in front of the Hallgrimskirkja is quite interesting too. Right in front of the church stands a statue of the first European who discovered the continent of the Americas: Leifur Eiriksson. And of course he is an Icelander!
He would have discovered America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. The statue was donated by the USA in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Icelandic parliament.

Leifur Eiriksson Hallgrimskirkja

The square with the statue of Leifur Eiriksson.

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