Jökulsárlón will leave you in awe. Not because of the pronunciation of the name of the glacial lake, but because of the beauty of it. "The tip of the iceberg" you sometimes hear people say. In this lake you'll see hundreds of these icebergs that are trapped. Underwater they are often dozens, sometimes hundreds of meters bigger. If you look out a little bit, you'll notice a couple of curious seals spying on you. Met je mond vol tanden sta je aan Jökulsárlón. Niet door de uitspraak van dit gletsjermeer, maar door de schoonheid ervan. "Het topje van de ijsberg" zeggen ze wel eens. In dit meer zitten honderden van deze ijsbergen verstopt. Onder water zijn ze vaak nog tientallen , soms zelfs honderden, meters verder verstopt. En tussen al dit mooist piept af en toe het hoofd van een zeehond.



Overview of the Jökulsárlón lake.

The most famous glacial lake of Iceland is close to the Vatnajökull Glacier. Actually it is a very new glacial lake. Only in 1935 it started forming. Quickly it grew to be the largest lake in the country. With an ever-growing area of 23 square kilometers (8,8 square miles) and a depth of 250m (833 feet) there is more than enough to see for tourists!

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Jökulsárlón is located about 400 km (248,5 miles) from Reykjavík. In hours it should take approximately between four to five hours. A day tour is possible, but you’ll be sitting more on the bus than you may spend exploring the impressive Icelandic nature. A better option is to stay somewhere in the neighborhood or plan a multi-day tour.

For multi-day tours, you also have many more tour operators, so you’ll get a better price.

A day trip from Reykjavik cost you between 150 and 200 dollars. A private tour will cost 300 dollar or more. Some tours also offer a boat trip between the giant icebergs. Of course, this costs more. Count on 240 dollars.

A trip of two days with departures from Reykjavik and one night hotel included costs about 380 dollars. In comparison, this is still tens of dollars cheaper rather than booking separate tours every day.

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zeehond Jökulsárlón

Seal in the Jökulsárlón lake. 

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