It takes about an hour to walk to Perlan from the city center of Reykjavik. Perlan is a water tank which has been converted into a cultural center. In the building there are some shops, a revolving restaurant and an observation deck. Besides this converted tank there are five other tanks that can store a total of 21 million liters of water.

Binnen in Perlan.

Inside Perlan.

The spherical building has something futuristic and is in itself worth a visit. However, the main reason for visiting the “Pearl” is because of the excellent views you have over Reykjavík. Unlike the Hallgrimskirkja you don’t have to pay income for Perlan. Plus you’ll also get a much better view, since you can walk freely on the gigantic platform.
Now you’ll even get to see the Hallgrims church in the Reykjavik skyline!

Uitzicht van op Perlan.

View from Perlan.

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