Sneeuwscooter fun!

You want to slide through the wintery landscape even faster than with a couple of huskies? Then a snowmobile probably is what you're looking for. This scooter can drive up to 120 kilometers per hour on a smooth surface!


As long as there is enough snow and the snow quality is good, you can take this trip. This is usually from November to mid / late April.

Keep in mind that during the winter months it gets dark very quickly in Tromso. Therefore, most tours leave fairly early so the daylight is used as efficient as possible.

Even at night, you can book snowmobile tours. Often you’ll also see the aurora borealis dancing over you.




Not everyone can handle a snowmobile. To control the machine you must have a drivers license. Both a driving license and a motorcycle driver’s license is good. (No moped license of course…)

Don’t have a driver’s license? You can still get on the back of someone driving. It still is fun and sometimes even better because you can look around a little more at the beautiful landscape you’re cruising through.


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From Tromsø you will be picked up at the Scandic Ishavshotel or the Radison Blu. Both hotels are located on the quay in Tromsø and are very easy to find.

From there it is a twenty minute drive to the spot where the snow scooters will be waiting for you. After a short briefing in which safety tips get discussed you can finally crawl on the snow scooter. Fortunately, you start with the simpler roads. The difficult work comes only when you built a little confidence.

Right when you start to consider yourself a pro, it’s time to stop. To warm your numb fingers you’ll get served a delicious Sami meal. Don’t imagine too much though… Most of the times it’s just some soup with bread.
After your exciting adventure, you’ll be brought back to Tromsø.

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