Walvissen spotten in Noorwegen

The gigantic tails, backs, fins and jaws of whales swimming in the Norwegian fjords are a delight to the eye. These beautiful creatures swim only a couple of metres away from you in the beautiful nature of Norway!

Orka in Noorwegen


Most whale safaris begin in early November and end around January 31st. So you can be sure that there are enough whales in Norwegian waters from November to late January. During these three months you’ll mainly see orcas and humpback whales while trying to fill their bellies.
In these months the sea is full of herring, which is very important food for the whales. Once they have eaten enough and grown fat, the giant mammals return to warmer waters to calve there.

Migration patterns change frequently. It is therefore possible that the beloved animals arrive later or earlier.



The chance that you spot whales from the city itself is minimal. The organized tours know exactly where the whales are. They go to the Norwegian fjords or remain on the open sea to find where most whales are.

Usually humpbacks and orcas go feeding near the fjords because there is a lot of herring.

Zeilboot walvissen spotten

Searching for whales with a sailing boat in Tromsø.



November to January is very cold on Norwegian waters. So be prepared to get cold. Splashing water, a lot of wind and most like a lot of snow falling down.

Do you travel with children or older people? Then try to book a sailboat. The visibility is perhaps a little less, but at least you’ll stay dry and comfortable.


RIB boat or sailing boat?

With big boats you’ll be more comfortable but you can’t sale in the smaller waterways. The rugged RIB boats are much smaller, but still very comfie. With these military inflatables you get much closer to the whales and you can also navigate into the smaller waterways, if necessary.


Book a tour

The choice is entirely up to you. Either you choose a RIB boat or go for a comfortable sailing boat.
All tours start at the Scandic Ishavshotel or the Radison Blu hotel which lies opposite.

Book a tour with a RIB boat.
Search for a tour with a sailing boat.


RIB boot of zeilschip. Walvissen Noorwegen.

Left, the RIB boat, right; the sailing ship. What will you choose?

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