Several years in a row, Melbourne won the title of 'Most liveable city in the world'. Deserved, I think. The friendly atmosphere, the proximity of beaches, nature parks and theme parks and the excellent living conditions boosted this metropole to the number one of the world. Within the city, there are lots of monuments to see. But especially the area around Melbourne is filled with unique parks and sights. The broad streets lead you into the bustling city center that has a lot of European influences. Just outside of the city, you can pay a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance. A monument to acknowledge all the victims from all of the world wars. From this monument you have a great view over the skyline of Melbourne.

Colorful beach houses in Melbourne.

Colorful beach houses in Melbourne.

  Average costs

Stay  Another reason that Melbourne was chosen as most liveable city of the world is because the citizens earn a lot of money. Because of that, accommodation throughout Melbourne is pretty expensive. For a hostel, you’ll pay about 35 AUD. (26 USD / 24 EUR)
A budget hotel starts at 80 AUD for two people. (59 USD / 54 EUR)
Luxurious stays start between 120 and 150 AUD a night.
Check this page to see a list of all accommodations in Melbourne.

Eat  Good food is easy to find in Melbourne. Fastfood like Maccers ( = Mc Donalds) starts at 5 AUD. Just a tiny bit more tasty food costs 12 to 15 AUD. Prepare to spend about 20 to 30 AUD for food in Melbourne.

Vervoer  Taxi’s are very expensive in Melbourne and in fact unnecessary. In fact, try to choose for public transportation instead or go walking. In big parts of Melbourne the public transportation is completely free. Outside these zones, a single ticket costs about 3,75 AUD for one zone. (2,75 USD / 2,5 EUR)
Consider buying a daily pass. It only costs you double and you’ll definitely make good use out of it.

"The Great Ocean Road"

“The Great Ocean Road”

  Saving money

Free public transportation – In the inner city, there are free busses between 10 AM and 4 PM. To go to the business district, there also are several metros. They drive from 10 AM until 6 PM.

Free guided tours  To get to know Melbourne more intimately requires a guide. Most guided tours are pretty expensive, but luckily there are certain organizations in Melbourne who offer free guided tours. Well… It isn’t completely free, since they ask you to give them whatever you think the tour was worth. But still, this comes out a lot less expensive in general.

The Twelve apostles, de twaalf apostelen.

The Twelve apostles, part of the great ocean road.


Shrine of Remembrance  A beautiful monument in honour of all the unnecessary deaths during the world wars. Inside the shrine there is a beautiful museum with authentic clothing, weapons and more.
On the top of the steps you get a magnificent view over the skyline of Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road  Just a couple of miles outside of Melbourne lies the Great Ocean Road. A must see when you’re in Melbourne! Try to arrange a tour and enjoy the beautiful views while driving to the twelve apostles, the London bridge, the tropical rainforests and meet the local kangaroos, wallabies and koalas.

Penguin Parade  A unique opportunity to see the beauty of Mother nature. Every day, hundreds -even thousands- of little penguins come ashore Phillip Island. Slowly they waddle to their human made shelters or the ones they dug themselves.
This tour often is combined with a visit to Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Here it is showed how sheep get sheared and how Australian farms work. Not really my cup of tea, but the penguin parade makes it worth the wait!
Be aware: pictures are not allowed for the sensitive eyes of the penguins.

Wildlife Parks  There are plenty of wildlife parks all around Melbourne where you can meet the typical animals from Australia. You can pet koalas, kangaroos and wallabies and even feed them. Emus, wombats  and other citizens of Aussie are kept on a safe distance.

Eureka Skydeck 88  Seeing a city from high above is always interesting. Go to the Eureka Skydeck 88 for the best views of Melbourne. Go right before sundown. That way you can see the city in daylight, during sundown and in the evening. All for the price of one entry ticket!

Shoppen  Melbourne + shopping = empty wallet. Lots of great shops and shopping centers throughout the city.

Yara river passing through Melbourne.

Yara river passing through Melbourne.


Little variation in clothing – The weather in Melbourne is very fickle. One moment, you think you’re visiting the sahara, the next moment you’re visiting the Niagara Waterfalls. Definitely take shorts and short sleeved clothes, but don’t forget a swear of light jacket. Just to make sure.

Churchill Island – My personal opinion: I just thought it was quite boring. You get to see how sheep are sheared and how sheep herd dogs but I don’t think it’s worth the extra money.
Sometimes you have to take the combination tour of Phillip Island and Churchill Island but try not to.

Koala in Melbourne.

Koala in Melbourne.

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