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There are three famous coastal cities in Croatia. Zadar, Dubrovnik and Split. The last of these, Split, is located a little in the center of the country. The city is quite big, but it is mostly the old part of the city that is worthwhile visiting.
From the central bus station it only is a five minutes walk to get to the old city of Split. The light and terracotta colours of the buildings made me think of old, Roman cities. And that isn't strange at all. The Romans occupied Croatia for a very long time in the past. The charming dike has a great overview of the azure waters with luxurious yachts floating above them. On the other side, the medieval city shows up behind its ancient walls. Personally I thought Split was on of the cosiest cities I visited in Croatia.

Palace of diocletianus, Split.

Palace of diocletianus, Split.

 Average costs

Stay – Budget rooms start at thirty euros a night. If you know that there only are two to three hostels in the city and that they are more expensive than the budget hotels, you of course would rather pick a private room. A four or five star hotel or apartment starts at two hundred euro a night. There are plenty of great hotels or apartments in Split with an attractive price tag and a luxurious feel.
Click here for a complete list of accommodations in Split.

Eat – The old city is the most touristic part in Split. Because of this, this area is a little more expensive. Don’t get scared though, because pricing still isn’t that expensive. For an easy lunch you can go to the many bakeries and buy a delicious piece of pizza or sandwiches with mozzarella. These only cost about €1,5 ($2). Outside of the city, it’s even a little less expensive.
For a complete meal expect to pay between ten and fifteen euros.

Transport – Public transportation is well represented throughout Split. For a single ticket on the bus, you pay 1,50 euro.
To not lose too much time and money, it is best to use the busses that wait for you at the central bus station. Daily, there are multiple connections who connect Split with other big cities throughout the country. Split to Zadar takes about two hours, Split to Dubrovnik takes six hours. From Split to the capital, Zagreb, it takes about two hours. Prices depend on where you go and how long in advance you book your tickets. If you already book your tickets a while in advance, then the busses will be cheaper. Only ten to fifteen euros. If you just book one day in advance, then a ticket will be costlier. Around 25 euros ($27,5).

In the old city there is no need for transportation. You need to do everything by walking.

View over Split, one of the coastal towns in Croatia.

View over Split, one of the coastal towns in Croatia.

 Saving money

Transport with busses – You want to visit other places from Split? Or do you arrive in Split? Then take a look at the busses. The centrally located bus station is in close proximity with the old city. Busses are a lot cheaper than plane tickets or even renting a car. Furthermore, you can arrange your own trips and activities to nearby cities like Zagreb or Zadar.

Cheap lunch – In and outside the city there are a lot of small bakeries. All of them have delicious food for cheap prices. Instead of always going to restaurants, you can save tens of euros by buying lunch at these bakeries. For a sandwich with mozzarella, chorizo or something else you won’t even pay €1,5 ($2). The same for a big piece of pizza.

Renting an apartment – An apartment or small vacation house is cheaper than a hotel. In most places you also have a kitchen, so that you can cook for yourself. Which will save you extra money too.

Ferry boats – If you plan to visit one of the islands around Split, then you have two possibilities to get there. The first possibility is to take an all-inclusive tour. The second possibility is to do it all yourself. The second option needs some time and research. Don’t count too much on internet for ferry schedules, because they constantly change.

Just outside the city of Split (on your way to the central bus station) there is a little kiosk which sells tickets for the ferries. They can help  you with time tables. You can’t find a boat for wherever you want to go? Go and take a look at the harbour itself too. At the big cruise ships you’ll find some other kiosks which might sell these tickets.

The klis fort, above Split.

The klis fort, above Split.


Marjan Viewpoint – The best viewpoint over Split, you will get from this hill. With a great viewing platform you can see the whole city. There is a cosy restaurant / bar right next to it. So just sit down, relax and enjoy the best view in town with a refreshing glass of whatever you like.
There are also walking tours (like this one) who bring you to this viewpoint and many other highlights of the city.

Explore the city’s maze – Enter the city walls and walk among the alleyways and streets. Check out the sand coloured houses and explore the unique city. There are lots of beautiful monuments and sights. Sometimes not so easily noticed, so keep your eyes open! You can easily wander around for a couple of hours.
Don’t feel like getting lost by yourself? A guided walking tour is a great way to get to know Split much more into depth!

Walk around at night – For a completely different view over the city, come out of your fancy accommodation when the evening falls. Once it’s dark, the city gets a completely different vibe and feel. Maybe even a little bit spooky! Trust me, Split is safe. So don’t fear for Jack the Splitter!
There are also options for guided tours at night to really experience the magical vibe together with other romantic souls.

Boat tours – From Split you can take various boat tours to the surrounding islands, depending on the season. You can circle the bay to get another excellent viewpoint of the city, but the small islands on the Dalmatian coast are very nice to see too. Go explore the Croatian islands and get to see the unspoiled nature of Croatia.
Tours are handy, but taking a ferry yourself is often cheaper.
Check out this tour to five islands and the magical blue cave or go for the more luxurious option with early entry and grilled lunch.

Check out the yachts – If you keep walking at the harbour, you’ll notice the yachts in no time. It’s always fun to see these luxurious boats at the same time as you watch the beautiful see-through sea and the impressive city from afar.

The cosy, small harbour of Split.

The cosy, small harbour of Split.


Come during low-season – Split is a very popular destination during summer. Most ferries, busses, tours and opening hours are a lot more flexible during high season.The high seasons typically ends around november.

Once the low season has begun, boat tours and other tours are canceled until Croatia gets warmer again. Of course it’s a bit of a choice you need to make, because during low season there also are a lot less people in the city.

Renting a car – Renting a car in Split is unnecessary since you can easily walk the whole city. If you want to go to another city, then it’s better to take the multitude of busses waiting for you at the central bus station. They are a lot cheaper and more convenient than renting a car and parking it somewhere.
If you want to do a guided tour with one or two persons, then tours are still cheaper than the total cost of renting a car. Bus tickets, however, really are the cheapest.

The quay of Split with expensive boats and hotels.

The quay of Split with expensive boats and hotels.

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