Ayia Napa

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Sometimes Ayia Napa is compared to one of the best party destinations in the world; Ibisa. If that statement is correct, I leave in the middle. However, you can't say that Ayia Napa is not a good place to go out. With lots of modern clubs and bars, there always is something to celebrate in Cyprus. Besides partying, there also are some more cultural thing to see or do around Ayia Napa. People who want a relaxing vacation on the beach will also like Ayia Napa. With lots of four and five star hotels built in close proximity to the beaches, there's an excellent mix of partying and soaking up the sun.

Ayia Napa Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach in Aiya Napa.

 Average costs

Stay – Accommodations in Ayia Napa are everywhere because there’s so much tourists coming to this particular place, but the locals as well. Especially during summer it is very busy in this area, and the prices get a lot higher in high season. However, you don’t need to worry. Prices are still quite cheap. During low season, you’ll pay €20 to €40 euros a night ($22 to $45) for hotels, apartments or studios which might be a little outdated. For modern accommodation, expect to pay a little more.
Three star hotels start at €60 a night ($65).

At this page you can see all accommodations throughout Ayia Napa.

Eat – The price of food in Ayia Napa is similar to most places in Europe and the US. Prices start at €10 for lunch and €20 for a main course during dinner time. Drinks are a little more expensive, starting at €3 for a soda. Try to ignore the more touristic places if you want to eat really good food.

Transport – In Ayia Napa there is not a lot of public transport, but honestly it isn’t really necessary either way. The city is quite little and easy to do by foot. If you want to take the bus, it isn’t very expensive either way. For one and a half euro you get a single ticket. 75 cents for students.
Cash money is necessary if you hop on a bus.
Taxi’s are expensive and thus not recommended. If you want to see more than Ayia Napa alone, I suggest you hire a car. If you book quite some time in advance, you can rent a car for only €15 ($16,5) a day.

Cape Greco.

Cape Greco.

  Saving money

Pre-drinks – Going out is always expensive. Wherever you go. To minimise the cost of a night out, head to the local super markets to buy some beer or other alcohol.

Renting a studio or apartment – Instead of booking a hotel, a studio or apartment usually is cheaper. Besides the cheaper price, they also have cooking opportunities, which saves you the cost of going to restaurants.

For the party people between us: you also don’t lose your hotel breakfast this way. When you’re going out until the early hours, you of course don’t want to have breakfast if it’s only server until 10 AM…

Salamis, vlakbij Aiya Napa aan de Turkse kant.

Salamis, near Ayia Napa at the Turkish side.


Go party – The number one reason to go to Ayia Napa is to party all night long. During summer it is packed with people, which makes the partying even better of course! Enjoy and unleash your inner party animal!

Cape Greco – Only ten minutes driving from Ayia Napa’s center, there is a nature reserve called Cape Greco. The complete domain is beautiful! The further you get, the more rocky the area becomes. Under these rocks and cliffs, the raging sea transforms its beautiful blue colour into foamy white.

Famagusta – Only twenty minutes away from Ayia Napa, you can cross the border to the Turkish side of the island. From the border checking point, you’re only minutes away from Famagusta. Once this city was the biggest tourist attraction in Cyprus. Now it is completely taken over by the Turkish occupier and tourists or locals can’t enter the place anymore.
To see this ghost city, it is best to go to Palm Beach. There you will get the best overview of the scary city, surrounded by scary looking barbed wire and mean looking soldiers. Try keeping your camera out of sight, because the soldiers might come up to you and ask you to delete all pictures.

Klooster Ayia Napa

Monastery vof Ayia Napa.


Forget your English converter – Cyprus once was invaded by the British. They introduced the English outlets and so every tourist needs to come to Cyprus prepared! 

Only Ayia Napa – It’s a nice city and you can party there for some days, but there’s just not that much to see. Definitely try to book one or more day tours or rent a car to explore the rest of Cyprus. From Ayia Napa there are plenty of tours to go snorkelling, diving or visit the Turkish city of Famagusta.

Ayia Napa Clubs

Ayia Napa Clubs

5/5 - (1 vote)
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