Kyrenia of Girne is één van de grootste steden langs de Turks Cypriotische kant. De kronkelweggetjes die je langs de Turkse vlaggen sturen die op de bergen staan afgebeeld leiden je op een half uurtje van Nicosia naar Kyrenia. De wegen zijn een pak minder aangelegd en krotterige gebouwen zijn ook een typisch zicht. De Turkse zijde heeft duidelijk een pak minder geld en toerisme inkomsten. Maar dat is net ook wat het zo mooi maakt. Kyrenia is veel minder aangetast door de internationalisering en biedt een mooie kijk op het alledaagse leven van de Turken aan deze kant van het eiland. Stap door het centrum en vergeet zeker niet om het Kyrenia kasteel te bezoeken.

De haven in Kyrenia.

The harbor in Kyrenia.

  Average costs

Stay – Searching for accommodation in Girne is not easy, because it’s hard to get there right away from the airport. Most touristic accommodations can be found at the Greek Cypriot side anyway. Your best bet is to choose accommodation around Nicosia. This is the closest city next to Kyrenia.

Eat – Food is a lot cheaper here than at the Greek Cypriot side of the island. In the center of Kyrenia you might be asked for too much money, but on average pricing really isn’t that expensive. Do take notice of the following: you can pay in both currencies (euros and liras). However, most of the time it’s cheaper to pay in Turkish lira, because the exchange rate that they use is whatever they think it is.
A main course in or around Kyrenia costs between five and fifteen euro’s ($6 to $16,5).

Transport – There is public transportation in Kyrenia, but I can’t say a lot about it. The busses leave at irreguar times and so it always is a little bit of gambling. Prices change as often as the mood of the driver, but won’t ever be really expensive. A ticket from Nicosia to Kyrenia costs between four and eight Turkish lira (€1,5 to €3 or $2 to $3,5).
Tours from the south part of the island to Kyrenia are also possible. It will cosy you approximately thirty to fifty euro’s a person. A rental car often is cheaper, especially if you travel with multiple peoplle. For one day of renting you’ll need to pay between twenty and thirty euro for the cheapest car ($22 to $33). Don’t drive to whatever border though, because not all borders are accessible for ‘normal’ civilians. If you want to go to Kyrenia from Nicosia, then you need to take the Agios Dometios post. Google maps or your GPS won’t always bring you to the right border control post.
At the border it is necessary to buy a separate insurance for your car to go to the Turkish side if the island. For three days it costs you €20 ($22), for one week €35 ($39).

Het kasteel van Kyrenia.

The castle of Kyrenia.

 Saving money

Student card – To enter the fort you just need to flip a card with your picture on and say you’re a student to get a discount. Students only pay 1,5 euro ($2). Otherwise you’ll pay three. Anyway… It still is cheap.

Don’t pay to go to the toilet – If you need to go to the toilet in the city, you will need to pay one euro. Toilets inside the castle are a lot cleaner and completely free.

De Turkse vlaggen op de bergflanken richting Kyrenia.

The Turkish flags on the mountains from Nicosia to Girne (Kyrenia).


Kyrenia castle – The most fun thing to do in Kyrenia is without a doubt the castle. This giant fort overlooking the ocean can not to be missed since it towers over the complete city. An entrance ticket costs three euros or one and a half euro for students. Try walking on the wall to get a great view over the city and bay. Also try visiting some of the free exhibitions or museums inside the castle walls.

Walk around – Go walking a little bit. The dike, right in front of the castle is quite nice to experience. The little harbour of Girne is filled with little and big boats. Through the see through water you can see lots of little fish.

Monastery / church in Bellapais – A five minute drive from the center of Girne brings you to Bellapais. All up in the mountains. It gives you a splendid view over Kyrenia and there’s a very nice monastery you can visit.

Een ijsvogel in de haven van Girne.

A kingfisher at the harbour of Kyrenia.


Forgetting your English plug – Cyprus used English power outlets, so don’t forget to bring a compatible plug with you. If you need to buy one locally, they often are quite expensive.

Money Exchange – The most used currency in Kyrenia is the Turkish lira. However, everyone also accepts euros, pounds and sometimes even dollars. The only thing you need to watch out for are the exchange rates most of the Turks use. In fact, most of them have no clue how much lira goes into one euro. Because of that, lira’s often are a lot cheaper than euros.

Kasteel omwalling van Kyrenia.

Castle walls of Kyrenia.

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