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Since 1993, the Czech Republic has torn itself apart from Czechoslovakia. This country has recovered exceptionally well from the communist dictatorship and is now one of the most visited destinations in Europe. That Prague was voted one of the most beautiful cities in Europe undoubtedly has much to do with that. Yet there is much more to see than just Prague. Throughout the country you'll find many beautiful, cute and mysterious cities and villages, but the green nature is also the perfect location to get a breath of fresh air. In winter, the many peaks turn white, making the Czech Republic an excellent ski destination.
Cheap, beautiful, tasty food, friendly people and a lot to see. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Czech Republic is the most loved country in Eastern Europe!

karlsbad czech republic karlovy vary

The beautiful Karslbad or Karlovy Vary. A nice day excursion from Prague.

  Average costs in the Czech Republic

Stay – The Czech Republic is a former Eastern bloc country, so you can find an overnight stay for only little money. Prague has seen a gigantic tourism increase in recent years, making the capital more expensive compared to the other Czech cities. Fortunately, there is a lot of competition for accommodations, which means that prices can remain low. For a hostel in Prague you still only pay between five and fifteen euros. For a three-star hotel the prices start at thirty euros per night. Amazing luxury in a five star hotel starts from €85 to €100 per night.
In less crowded cities you have four-star hotels from €60 and hostels starting at ten euros.
Find your hotel in Czech Republic using for the lowest price.

Eat – Restaurants are slightly more expensive in Prague. For dining here, you pay between 150 and 350 CZK (+/- € 5.5 to €13) while you can eat in smaller cities for anything between €5 and €9. A sandwich in the capital will cost you 80 CZK. In smaller cities more like 50 Czk.

Transport – Public transport in cities is great. Buses, trams and trains are very punctual and in abundance. For a bus or tram you pay 24 CZK for a short ride or 32 for a ticket of 90 minutes. Trains are very cheap and tickets can be purchased on-site or online. Be sure to check out the long distance buses if you plan to organize a day trip on your own. They are dirt-cheap and offer Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and built-in TV screens. For a two-hour ride you don’t pay much more than five euros.

czech republic nature

Besides beautiful villages and towns, there is also a lot to see for nature lovers and hikers.

 Saving money in the Czech Republic

Drink tap water – Tap water in the Czech Republic is perfectly drinkable. So take a refillable bottle with you to stay hydrated. You’ll probably do a lot of walking!

Take train and bus – Organizing day trips in the Czech Republic is easy because there is an excellent bus and train network. Moreover, they are very cheap and very comfortable. Save money on excursions by arranging everything yourself with public transport, long-distance buses and trains.

Czech food – The restaurants in the Czech Republic are strongly influenced by the large number of tourists. As a result, you can see many Italian or American eateries where the cost price for food is often much higher. Try some Czech food. Be amazed at how great it tastes and often it also costs a lot less.

Student cards – Almost everywhere that you have to pay to enter, there are reductions for students. By showing your student card you can save up to fifty percent on each ticket.

charles bridge prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague. Wonderful to look at and wonderful to walk over!

  Things to do in the Czech Republic

Prague – The capital of the Czech Republic has been names the most beautiful city in Europe for a couple of times. Whether that is the case or not, I leave it in the middle. But of course the capital of the Czech Republic is definitely worth a visit! The red roofs and the golden yellow houses, the rich historic center, the Charles Bridge, the cozy atmosphere in every season, … It’s hard not to love Prague!

Karlovy Vary – By bus you can reach Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad within two hours. This beautiful city is chock full of pastel-colored mansions. Sip some of the healing water or head into one of the many thermal baths. A day full of relaxation, wellness and a bit of sightseeing? Then Karlovy Vary is an ideal day trip!

Ossuary of Sedlec (bone chapel) – Do you want to see something very peculiar? Then you should definitely go to the Sedlec ossuary. The interior of this chapel is almost completely covered with human bones and skulls. This place is creepy, fascinating and actually quite beautiful at the same time. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the cute village next door (Kutna Hora).

Ceski Krumlov – From Prague, a visit to Ceski Krumlov is one of the most popular day trips. The medieval village and castle are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and can easily be visited in one day.

Šumava National Park – Nature lovers and hikers will be delighted with the largest national park in the Czech Republic. Šumava is located at the Austrian border. In the vast area you can find beautiful hiking trails, steep hills and beautiful lakes. Who knows, you might see some of the cute local fauna.

Winter sports in the Czech Republic – Winter sports doesn’t have to be unaffordable. In the Czech Republic a skiing holiday is much more affordable and the snowy mountains that you slide off are as beautiful as elsewhere (maybe even more so!). Most ski resorts are located on the northern and western borders of the country.

Kutna Hora travel guide

Kutna Hora is best known for his sinister bone collection in Sedlec’s ossuary, but the village itself is also very beautiful!

  Things not to do in the Czech Republic

Only visiting Prague – Prague is of course a beautiful city, but there are so many other pearls in the Czech Republic! Use Prague as your base, but also do some day excursions to nearby towns and villages, or be surprised by the extensive nature of the Czech Republic.

Not counting your money – Try to get a little familiar with the money and the value in relation to your currency. It often happens that you get back too little money. Sometimes only a few cents, but sometimes also a few euros or dollars…

Currency exchange offices – Wherever you can find a few tourists, you’ll see exchange bureaus. Leave your money in your wallet and get some notes from an ATM instead. The exchange rates in the banks are a lot better and you don’t pay any (or much less) commission.

ceski krumlov czech republic

There is much more to see than just Prague! Ceski Krumlov is another very cozy town in the Czech Empire.

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