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Trapani travel guide

Trapani is best known as the place where the cheap airport of Sicily is located, but did you know that there is also a lot to see? At first sight, the town seems anything but nice to stay in, but in the vicinity you find lots of fun things to do. Beautiful islands, paradise beaches, unique sights, ... The historic city center is also worth a short visit. Especially during the weekends it comes to life here.
Moreover, Trapani is also very cheap to stay and to eat out. Enough reasons to stay in Trapani for at least two days.

levanzo trapani travel guide

One of my favorite places in Italy: the beautiful Levanzo! And it is close to Trapani!

Stay – There are no hostels or dormitories in Trapani, but private rooms are incredibly cheap. For a small but comfortable single room you pay slightly less than €25 per night. A budget double room starts at €30.
The difference between three and four stars is hardly noticeable. On average you pay about €70 per night for such a hotel.
Check prices on Booking and Agoda.

Eat – Going to a restaurant in Trapani is quite cheap. For a pasta you pay between €10 and €15, for a piece of meat or fish you pay €12 to €18. The price of a dessert was never more than €3 and a carafe of wine (half a liter) costs about €5.
Don’t forget that a ‘coperto’ is always charged. This is in fact a mandatory tip. Normally this shouldn’t be more than €2 per person in Trapani.

Transport – This is a rather small city, and so you’ll have seen most of it in a day. I therefore recommend to rent a car or, if you travel on a budget, use public transport. Renting a car in Trapani doesn’t cost much! If you book in advance, you can already get a car for €10 a day! If you book one or two days in advance, you still pay ‘only’ €20 to €30 per day. For cheap rates you can look at RentCars.
Public transport in Sicily isn’t very good. The buses are on time, but it takes a long time to get from point A to B. To bridge longer distances (eg Trapani to San Vito Lo Capo or to Palermo) there are also private bus companies. These costs between €10 and €20 per journey, but remember that they only leave a few times a day.
Of course you can also take the train. I personally think that they are much more reliable and faster.

Excursions – From Trapani there aren’t many tours or excursions to the rest of the island, but one that you should do anyway (especially if you have your own car) are the salt pans. For €45 you are taken to the most impressive salt pans and you’ll also get an interesting tour there, and you might even see some brightly colored flamingos! If you like to see Favignana and Levanzo on a luxury cruise, that’s possible for €60 per person.
Do you want to see more possibilities? Then take a look at GetYourGuide and Viator.

erice nearby trapani

High in the mountains behind Trapani lies the picturesque Erice. Take a sweater! Because it can get cold here.

 Saving money in Trapani

Rent a car – Instead of arranging excursions, or doing everything by public transport, you’re better off by renting a car. If you book well in advance you sometimes only pay €10 per day! That is much cheaper than expensive excursions. Moreover, you can also discover everything at your own pace and stop on the way. Because believe me, the landscapes and views are phenomenal! I booked my car at RentCars.

Drink tap water – The tap water in Trapani is perfectly drinkable. Refill your bottles. This is better for the environment and for your wallet.

landscapes around trapani

Once you drive a bit outside of Trapani, you’ll only see beautiful landscapes!

  Things to do in Trapani

For an overview of things to do in Trapani with photos, also have a look at this article on the website. And if you want to see more sights in Sicily, I’ve also written something about that here.

Egadi islands – Favignana and Levanzo are still one of my favorite destinations in Europe! These two beautiful islands belong to the Egadi Islands, and they’re closely located to Trapani. By boat you can be there in half an hour to an hour, and once you see the islands appear, your mouth WILL fall open! It almost looks like the cute little boats are floating in mid-air. This is truly a paradise on earth!

Salt pans – There are a lot of salt pans around Trapani. Salt is extracted from the lake via an ingenious system. Beautiful windmills and beautiful landscapes make this one of the biggest attractions around Trapani. If you’re lucky you can also see hundreds of flamingos that are looking for food in the salt lakes.

The picturesque city center – The center of Trapani isn’t big at all, but nevertheless very cozy. The sand-colored houses and shops are very typical for the south of Italy and immediately immerse you in this particular atmosphere. Go and see the beautiful churches in the city, or just spend your money in the shopping street.

San Vito Lo Capo – I think this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. It even reminded me of the Caribbean! The transparent water, the white sand and the beautiful rock in the background all contribute to the beauty of this beach. From Trapani this is a 45 minutes drive.

Erice – On the mountain behind Trapani you can see Erice. To get there you have to drive yourself or take the cable car (€9). Once you reach the top, you end up in a medieval village which also offers beautiful views of Trapani and the rest of Sicily. Take an extra sweater with you, because it can cool down quite fast here.

san vito lo capo trapani

About 45 minutes from Trapani lies the beautiful San Vito Lo Capo.

  Things not to do in Trapani

Staying too long – You have seen the city and its surroundings fairly quickly. There is much more to see in Sicily, so divide your time well. In the neighborhood of Trapani you also have Palermo or the Valley of the Temples: Agrigento. Both are well worth a visit of a few days.

Not bringing extra clothes to Erice – Erice is one of the main attractions in the Trapani area. If you go there I recommend to bring an extra sweater or jacket. Due to its high location, it’s much colder here. A pair of shorts and flip-flops aren’t really ideal either… Take good walking shoes too, because the medieval streets are all made of cobblestones.

trapani sicily

The small but cosy city center of Trapani.

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