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During the summer months, Jūrmala is the busiest resort town of Latvia. During the Soviet domination, the city was primarily visited by senior leaders of the Communist Party to unwind and relax, but now many Latvians and western tourists seem to also have discovered the charms of this cute beach town.
At the beautiful seashores you can get your tan on during the summer. After a day at the beach you can replentish your batteries by eating something delicious in one of the beautiful wooden art nouveau restaurants of the picturesque town. Seen enough of the beach? Go get lost in the fragrant pine trees behind the beach or into one of the many spas in this dreamy village. After a fun day at the beach you can always return to Riga since the Estonian capital lies only a stone's throw away.

During winter, the beach is not frequented very much. But once the summer appears, so does life!

During winter, the beach is not frequented very much. But once the summer appears, so does life!

  Average costs

Stay – A five-star hotel will cost most during the high season (summer). Expect to pay about €150 or more per night. Four-star hotels are in much greater numbers and so these prices get a little lower; from € 85 per night.
A three-star hotel costs about the same or slightly less if you can book ahead.
A budget single room costs about €20 per night. As much as a bed in a dormitory.
Try to book in advance, as places get sold out quickly. Is it too expensive or you can’t find any place you like? Just find a place in Riga. It’s very close to Jurmala.
Take a look at Booking.com as this seems the best way to find availability and the cheapest possible options for your stay in Jurmala.

Eat – The touristy Jurmala is a little more expensive to eat out than other parts of Latvia. For a main course you pay around €10 to €15 per person. A dessert costs about €5 per person.

Transportation – By train you smoothly get from Riga to Jurmala or vice versa, and this for only €1.05. In Jurmala there are also public busses which can drive you around for € 0.80 per ride. If you just plan to go to Jurmala from Riga, you should just take the train and exit at the main station of Jurmala: Jurmala Majori.

Gorgeous beaches and amazing smelling trees. No wonder the high society loved this place so much!

Gorgeous beaches and amazing smelling trees. No wonder the high society loved this place so much!

 Saving money

Day trip from Riga – Jurmala only has a limited number of accommodations, and in busy periods they are booking out quite fast. Moreover, they are quite expensive. Especially compared with Riga.
The Latvian capital has much more accommodation and often at cheaper prices.

Prepare your own lunch – Restaurants are quite expensive in Jurmala in comparison to the rest of the country. If you make a day trip from Riga to Jurmala it’s not a bad idea to bring your own lunch.

The entrance to the beach of Jurmala. Even during winter it looks inviting!

The entrance to the beach of Jurmala. Even during winter it looks inviting!


Jurmala beach – The reason you head to Jurmala is probably because of the wonderful beaches. The sandy beach isn’t crammed with apartment blocks or busy restaurants, so you can really enjoy the natural surroundings in this cosy town. During winter, the beach is mostly frozen and there is little to do at the beach; but once summer arrives… People flock together once again!

Jomas street – The boulevard with its many shops and restaurants in typical Art Nouveau style is called Jomas street. You shouldn’t (and in fact it would be impossible to) miss out on this promenade when visiting. Especially during the summer months it can get very busy here, but with the interesting markets and cute looking shops you couldn’t resist anyway.

Livu Akvaparks – Looking for a getaway with the whole family? Visit the Livu Akvaparks. In this water park you can easily spend an entire day. With dozens of water rides and some nice pools there is something to experience for everyone.

Kemeri National Park – From Jurmala it’s only a few minutes on the train to Kemeri. In this village you can visit the beautiful National park of Kemeri. This nature reserve consists almost entirely of a natural swamp and seems out of this world once you get to see it. Well worth a couple of your precious time!

During the winter months, the frozen beach seems completely abandoned.

During the winter months, the frozen beach is almost completely abandoned.


Get off at the wrong train station – Jurmala is no small village. There are about five stations in the entire municipality. If you want to get off near the most central location, close to the beach you have to get off at the “Majori” station. The other stations are two to three kilometers further every stop.

Visit in the winter – I visited Jurmala during the winter, and although you can still explore the town, there is nothing to do. Riga is quite nice during the winter, but in Jurmala there isn’t really anything to see besides the frozen beach and empty shopping streets.

The Kemeri National Park is quite close and it is well worth a visit if you're visiting Jurmala!

The Kemeri National Park is quite close and it is well worth a visit if you’re visiting Jurmala!

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