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When Vilnius still was part of Poland, Kaunas was the capital of this small Baltic country. Today it's the second largest city in Lithuania, after Vilnius.
After the communist regime, the city was almost completely modernized, leaving relatively few relics of the Soviet era.
There is not much to see or experience, but if you have a few days left after your city trip in Vilnius you can plan Kaunas as an extra trip.

kauno pilis

Nothing much remains of the Kaunas Castle, but you can still see the ‘Kauno Pilis’.

  Average costs in Kaunas

Stay – If you book in advance, you’ll find great deals in Kaunas. A four-star hotel will cost you up to sixty euros per night. But you often find them much cheaper. A three-star hotel costs anyhing between thirty and forty euros a night.
You don’t need a luxurious room? Then a single room or an apartment is an excellent alternative. In Kaunas you pay about fifteen euros per night for that.
Youth hostels start at ten euros a night.
Look for a complete overview of available accommodations on Booking.com.

Eat – The former capital of Lithuania isn’t expensive. In a restaurant you only pay between four and seven euros per person for a main course. In expensive restaurants you pay between eight and fifteen euros. A dessert costs just less or more than three euros.
Soft drinks cost you the most in comparison. One or two euros.

Transport – A single ticket for bus or tram costs you eighty eurocents. Try to pay exact, because you can only buy the tickets on the tram or bus.
A train ticket from Vilnius to Kaunas (or vice versa) cost me €6.40.

streets of kaunas

The streets of Kaunas. Picturesque but there is not much to see…

  Saving money in Kaunas

Don’t stay too long – Do you want to explore Kaunas? You’ll have more than enough time with half a day (or even less). The center is tiny and the only thing that takes a little time to get to is the ninth fort. Save money on a hotel and instead visit another city or another Baltic state.

Public transport to the ninth fort – From the center there are two buses per hour that drive to the ninth fort. Instead of arranging an expensive taxi, you’ll get there quite easily with public transportation.
Enable google maps or another smartphone application to see how you get there the fastest way possible.

ninth fort kaunas

The ninth fort of Kaunas was used as a concentration camp during World War Two.

  Things to do in Kaunas

Ninth fortress – The ninth fortress became a prison almost immediately after its opening. When communists took over the country, mainly political prisoners were accommodated here. During World War Two this became the largest concentration camp of the Baltic states and in total more than thirty thousand Jews died in this fort. After the Nazis were defeated, the Soviet regime took over the prison and it wasn’t until a few decades later that the ninth fortress was changed into a museum complex.
On the domain you can visit the fort or take a look at the beautiful memorial for all victims who fell here.

Walking around in the old city – From the train station you need to take the bus or tram for 15 minutes if you want to get to the old city center.
The old town is the most beautiful part of Kaunas. The bumpy cobblestone roads and the charming houses take you to a bygone era. During your walk in this part of the city you’ll probably also reach the central square with the city hall and some beautiful churches. Step a little further so that you can also observe the castle of Kaunas (or what remains of it).

kaunas christmas market

During the winter months the city is brightened up by many Christmas markets.

   Avoid in Kaunas

Staying for a long time – I repeated it a few times already, but a long stay in Kaunas really isn’t necessary. You can see everything in less than half a day easily. If you want to see Kaunas, do it as an excursion from another city or if you’re passing through. Traveling to Lithuania only to see Kaunas isn’t worth it.

kaunas city

The second largest city of Vilnius… In my eyes it’s not really worth a visit.


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