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The fourth largest city in Lithuania is very close to the border with Latvia. Actually, you can't really call Siauliai a big city, because only about one hundred thousand or so people live in large Siauliai. You may assume that there is actually not much to see and do in this city. Yet there is one unique attraction that makes a day trip to Siauliai worthwhile... The beautiful hill of crosses lies twenty minutes from the city center and is a unique pilgrimage site. Hundreds of thousands of crosses decorate a hill and show the perseverance of the believers under the Soviet regime.

orthodox church siauliai

The orthodox church of Siauliai; the St. George church.

  Average costs in Siauliai

Stay – Siauliai is quite small and consequently there aren’t that many possibilities to stay overnight. Fortunately, Lithuania is very cheap and you pay only €60 for a four-star hotel! Three stars costs between €40 and €45.
A budget single room costs you €15 and you can rent a spacious apartment from €25.
A complete overview can be found on this page.
I wouldn’t recommend staying in Šiauliai as there is really not much to see. If you’re passing through Lithuania, it’s of course not a bad idea.

Eat – Eating in Siauliai is ridiculously cheap! I entered a pastry shop, ordered a small cake, some more cake, a whole bag full of small biscuits and pastries and a fruity tea and I paid… €1.80!
From €5 you can already order a main course in a restaurant. Drinks cost between 80 cents and two euros and you can get a beer from €2.50.

Transport – If you go to Siauliai from Vilnius for a day trip, you pay €9 for a train ticket. You’re on the train for about two hours.
The buses in Šiauliai itself cost around €0.80 per ride.


#Siauliai. There isn’t much to see in the center of the city… With a short day trip you certainly have enough time!

  Saving money in Siauliai

Plan your day trip on your own – The hill of crosses is one of the most popular excursions in Lithuania. If you have enough time, I advise you to plan your trip yourself. From Vilnius and Kaunas there are a few trains a day that head to Siauliai. From the bus station in Siauliai, you have to take the bus and walk about two kilometers (bit more than a mile) before you see the hill with the crosses. From Vilnius a single train ticket costs between €9 and €11. The bus will cost you €1.60 to go and return. So for about 21.60 euros you can plan an excursion yourself. Tour organizations ask about €45 per person. Of course a tour organization is more comfortable and easier because I often had to wait a long time because of the bad connections…

Exploring the city on foot – If you want to see the city center of Siauliai, I advise you to do so on foot. It’s very small and a bus isn’t really necessary. Moreover, walking is a better idea than hoppinh on a bus, as some streets are forbidden for vehicles.

siauliai travel guide hill of crosses

The cross mountain, cross hill or ‘hill of crosses’. A must if you’re on holiday in Lithuania!

  Things to do in Siauliai

Hill of the crosses – The hill of the crosses or the Kryžių kalnas is a must see if you’re in Lithuania! It once started as a small pilgrimage site with a few dozen of crosses, but in the meantime there are already more than a hundred thousand! A whole hill is filled with small and large specimens and creates a spectacular view to say the least. You can walk through the two small hills at your leisure and perhaps even hang or place an extra cross on the hill.
Photos of my visit to Siauliai can be found here and more info about this unique spot can be read on my blog.

St. George church – A beautiful orthodox church near the train station is the St. George church. From the outside the beautiful building has an impressive dome. Inside it’s less spectacular, but that is usually the case with orthodox churches.

The Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul – Another church that you should definitely see when you are in Siauliai. This seventeenth century church is decorated in a beautiful renaissance style and inside it is all snow white.

Siauliai kryziu kalnas lithuania

Spectacular, creepy, beautiful, … Truly unique!

   Avoid in Siauliai

Long stay – In addition to the hill of crosses and some beautiful churches in the center there is really nothing to see in Siauliai. So you really don’t have to stay longer than one or half a day. Since Siauliai isn’t far from the Latvian border, you can of course stay here and cross the border once you’ve explored the city.

Getting annoyed by the bad infrastructure – The hill of crosses is very popular with many tourists, but to get there you have to plan a lot in advance… The trains and buses are very irregular and the excursions are very limited and quickly fully booked. So plan ahead!

saint peter and paul cathedral siauliai

The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul.

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