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Chefchaouen is the city with white and indigo-blue painted buildings. This city in northern Morocco is the headquarters of the province of Chefchaouen and is 557 meters above sea level. With its steep, narrow streets, little squares, exuberant fountains and houses whose doors invite you with their richly decorated façades. Chefchaouen is considered a holy city because of its eight mosques and its various holy places. Chefchaouen is close to Tangier and the Spanish border, so many speak Spanish here. Most houses are dyed blue. That is a tradition that began at the time of the early Jewish people. Feel free to buy some souvenirs for the people back at home! You'll find woven blankets, woolen clothes in bright colors, carpets, leather goods, spices, gems, and more fun souvenirs.

chefchaouen houses

Not all houses in Chefchaouen are completely blue! Some have white walls as well.

  Average costs in Chefchaouen

Stay – For the budget backpacker there is a choice between about three hostels in Chefchaouen. For a place in a dormitory you pay between €6 ($7) and €8 ($9). Sometimes a single room can already range from 10 to 15 euros ($11 to $16,5). Double rooms start at €25 ($27) per night.
There aren’t many star hotels or riads available in the blue city, but a room in the luxury segment only costs €40 a night.
View and compare prices on booking and agoda.

Eat – There are plenty of cozy restaurants in the blue pearl of Morocco. For an entree you pay between 15 and 20 dirham, a main course costs no more than 50 dirham and a dessert is usually not much more expensive than one euro/dollar. For as little  as €7 (70 dirham) your stomach will be full already!

Transportation – You can commute to Chefchaouen by bus or taxi. From Tangier it only takes two to three hours, from Fes it takes four to five hours. Buses are significantly cheaper in comparison to taxis, but don’t forget to book your tickets in advance as they are quickly sold-out. If you head there with more than one person, a taxi may justify the small extra charge. Because you can see the beautiful landscapes much better, and you also get there a lot faster.
From the Chefchaouen bus station, it’s a small taxi ride to the city center. For this you pay between 30 and 50 dirham.

chefchaouen fountain

Fountains, blue and extremely cozy. That’s how I would describe Chefchaouen.

  Saving money in Chefchaouen

Don’t take the CTM bus – The CTM bus is also called the ‘tourist bus’ among the locals. It is much more expensive than the buses with which the locals travel. From Fes, the CTM bus to Chefchaouen costs 90 dirham, but another bus would only cost 50 dirham. Please ask the departure times in advance, because you hardly find information about these other buses anywhere else. Tickets can be bought at the bus stations.

Book in advance – The blue pearl of Morocco is world famous! At any time of the year, there are a lot of tourists wandering through the blue-painted streets. The buses that drive here from Chefchaouen (or return from here) are often full. Book your bus ticket in advance! Otherwise, chances are you have to arrange an expensive taxi.

Don’t buy too much souvenirs – Most souvenirs you find in this blue city are also found in other Moroccan cities. Often for a much lower price! Keep your shopping addiction under control and instead become a big spender in another city.

uta el hammam squre chefchaouen

The Uta el-Hammam square. The beating heart of the blue city of Morocco!

  Things to do in Chefchaouen

Enjoy the Uta el Hammam square – On the other side of the main entrance of the town you’ll find the Uta el Hammam square. This is the busiest part of the city. Dozens of retaurants try to lure you with refreshing drinks and delicious smelling foods. In the meantime, street musicians are everywhere or you take a look around all the little stalls spread over the square. This central part of Chefchaouen is great to sit down a bit, relax and to look around and to spot people.

Explore the Kasbah – Located next to the Uta el Hammam square lies the kasbah of Chefchaouen. This fortified ‘castle’ kept the blue city free from enemies. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any enemies anymore, and you can walk around the whole domain. There is a beautiful garden and from the slopes you get a beautiful view over the blue city.

Go to the Akchour Falls – Not far from Chouen are the beautiful Akchour Falls. After taking a short stroll along a gorgeous path, you are welcomed by another beautiful spectacle of mother nature. The water is nice and cool, so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit!

Explore all the streets – Most people seem to be interested only in the main street of this blue city. Head down and climb up a bit also! There is so much to see. It would be a shame if you would miss all of that.

Take a look at the city from above – There are several places from which you can see Chefchaouen. You really can only see the cuteness of this city from up above. If you don’t feel like climbing all the way up, you can just head to one of the many roof terraces. The views -certainly when sunset is approaching- are phenomenal!

chefchaouen medina

The medina of Chefchaouen is incredible to walk through!

   Avoid in Chefchaouen

Not buying tickets in advance for the bus – Do you go to Chefchaouen by bus, or perhaps return from here by bus? Make sure you have already ordered tickets in advance. Often the last places are sold out a day beforehand, and then only a very expensive taxi is left…

chefchaouen blue pearl

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