Bergen is a touristic hotspot. Especially during summer. It is after all the starting place for most tours to the Norse fjords. In winter, most of these tours cease until spring, but there certainly is enough to do for filling up one or two days in this mountainous city. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, so you'll definitely get some exercising while you walk among the typical wooden houses, through the small and dark alleyways from this mysterious city.

Floibanen bergen noorwegen

The Fløibanen funicular.

   Average costs

Stay – The budget option is to take a hostel. For one night you’ll pay about 250 NOK. About 25 euros or 27 dollars. I stayed at the Marken Guesthouse and paid about €28 / 30$ a night for a dorm with seven beds.
To have your own room, you’ll pay about 70-75 euros ($80). These are always double rooms, so you can cut the price in half if you’re travelling with two.

You can check all accommodation possibilities on this page.

Eat – Cooking yourself is definitely cheapest in Bergen. For a frozen pizza you’ll pay about 40 to 90 NOK. For a croissant 20 to 35 NOK.
Fastfood isn’t very cheap and thus it is best to pay a little more for decent lunch. For about 100 Norse Krones you’ll get a healthier food option.
Eating in a restaurant starts around 150 NOK. (€16 / $17)

Transport – Public transportation in Bergen is excellent, but not really necessary. The city is tiny and very easy to do by walking.
A single ticket for the fløibanen funicular costs 43 NOK. A retour ticket is 85 NOK. (€9 / $10)

From the airport to the center you can use the flybussen. Retour tickets are 190 Krones and they are valid for 360 days.

Bryggen in Bergen, Noorwegen.

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway.

   Saving money

Don’t stay too long – Bergen itself can be seen in one full day. More is really not necessary. If you’d like to take it easy, definitely take some more days. If you’re in a hurry, you can both do a (short) visit to the fjords and do some sightseeing in the city. That way you’ll also save money on accommodation.

Single ticket Fløibanen – Save 42 NOK if you just buy a single ticket for the fløibanen. The path back down has some nice views and is quite easy to do. Secretly I kept thinking to myself: “I bet the way up is not as comfortable!”

Walk around – Don’t take public transport and definitely don’t take taxi’s. Public transportation is really expensive but taxi’s are a guaranteed way to bankruptcy. Bergen is tiny! Just walk!

Mariakerk in Bergen, Noorwegen.

Church of St. Mary in Bergen, Norway.


Fløibanen – Go to the top of mount Fløyen. You can do this on foot or with the use of the fløibanen. With this very steep funicular you go from the center in Bergen to to the top in about four to five minutes.
From the top you have amazing views over this cosy little city.
Try to walk down the way back. It takes a little more than an hour, but the route is very scenic and a lot less tiring than walking up the hill.

Bryggen – This central square in Bergen can hardly be missed. Bryggen is the old city part and has a lot of typical, colourful wooden houses you’ll see throughout Norway. Especially during summer this square is vero nice to be at.

See Fjords – If Norway seems interesting to you, it’s probably because you like nature. The norse fjords are an absolute must see! Around the summer months, most of the tours to these giant wonders of nature are held. Some tours keep going until the end of january. That way you can see parts of the waters completely frozen.

Zicht over Bergen vanaf Fløyen.

Views over Bergen from mount Fløyen.


Stay too long – Bergen is considered as quite a big city in Norway, but honestly it isn’t big at all. If you would like to see a good part of the city itself, then one day is good. If you’d like to see some surrounding nature and fjords, two to three days maximum seems like a good idea.

Wrong clothing – The climate in Bergen changes from day to day. Try to be prepared. Definitely take a rain coat, since it rains a lot in Bergen.

Natuurlijke schaatspiste in Bergen, Noorwegen.

Natural ice skating rink in Bergen, Norway.

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