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The untouched nature with its grand and lonely landscapes, the fantastic culture with bagpipes and whiskey and the castles, fortresses and towers that bring you back to the middle ages. That is what makes Scotland.
Scotland is a country for adventurers, nature lovers and people who love culture. The country is so varied that it never gets boring! The northern part of the United Kingdom changes as often as a chameleon. One moment you want to take off your t-shirt, the next moment you are being surprised by heavy snowfall.
Don't expect a sunny holiday in Scotland, but nonetheless: the country with four seasons in one day is much more amazing than you would expect at first glance.

Places in Scotland


ceapabhal hill isle of harris

The Ceapabhal hill on Isle of Harris.

  Average costs in Scotland

Stay – A hostel in Scotland can be very cheap, especially in big cities! Often you only pay £8 per night. In smaller cities or areas there are often no hostels, so you’ll have to find a budget accommodation. For a single or double room you pay an average of £25 to £30.
Do you want to relax in more luxurious conditions after exploring rugged Scotland? A three-star hotel starts at £35 a night. Not such a big different with a budget hotel if you ask me!
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Eat – The prices are very similar to England. Fast food is cheap, but can’t be found everywhere. The local fast food will of course be fish and chips. For £5 to £10 you can already please yourself with this delicacy. Going to a restaurant costs between £12 and £15, depending of course on what you order.
Another inexpensive place to go is to an Indian or Asian restaurant. They often have delicious food for cheap prices.

Transport – In Scotland you have a lot of opportunities to get around. There are big buses that take you from city to city, but of course also buses that drive around the city center.
If you want to visit one of the many islands you’ll have to use a ferry. Public transport in Scotland is quite expensive. The buses aren’t too bad, but trains are very expensive. Especially if you don’t book them in advance.

colorful houses tobermory isle of mull

Some colorful houses on the Isle of Mull. The gray, Scottish weather doesn’t bring down these people!

 Saving money in Scotland

Explore the cities by walking – The Scottish cities aren’t very big and therefore easily walkable. Some parts are sometimes a bit steep, but fortunately there are more than enough pubs on your way where you can rest!

Pubs – Instead of going to expensive restaurants you can also take a look at a pub. Besides Scottish whiskeys and beers, you’ll also find many Scottish delicacies. A pub is much cheaper than a restaurant.

Free sightseeing – There are a lot of attractions in Scotland, and many of them are completely free. Of course there are many free sights and attractions on the countryside, but many museums are free to visit as well.

Rent a car – Renting a car isn’t super cheap, but if you’re planning to explore Scotland thoroughly, it might be cheaper in the end. The train and bus traffic in Scotland is sometimes ridiculously expensive. Renting a car in Scotland gives you more freedom and you can also reach hard-to-reach places (which you would otherwise have to arrange an excursion for). Remember that Scots are driving on the left-hand side of the road!

scottish cows highlanders scotland

The Scottish Highlanders. They’re a Scottish cow breed that you see everywhere in the country!

  Things to do in Scotland

Isle of Skye – If you want to marvel at beautiful natural phenomena, you have to go to the Isle of Skye. Stroll along the beautiful pools and lakes with many small waterfalls, or climb the beautiful Scottish highlands and be amazed by the beautiful rock formations.

Explore the islands – In addition to the isle of Skye, there are many small islands to visit. Instead of visiting them all, you can also take a boat trip and sail between the beautiful floating land masses. Who knows, you might see some whales, dolphins or seals on the way.

Edinburgh – This beautiful city has a lot to see! Enter the city by train for an unimaginably beautiful view. Once you have climbed the stairs of the station you’ll be welcomed by the historic city with the Edinburgh castle towering high above you.

The many ‘lochs’ – Everywhere in Scotland you can find some lochs (lakes). The vast surfaces of water look like mirrors and reflect the powerful landscapes of the beautiful Scotland on their gently rippling surface. You must of course also see Loch Ness! Who knows, you might even see the Loch Ness monster!

Eilean Donan Castle – This thirteenth century castle is one of the most visited monuments in Scotland. In the twentieth century it was thoroughly restored. It was formerly used to stop attacks by the vikings.

Other castles – Scotland has a lot of castles spread out over its territory. In addition to the Eilean Donan castle, there are many other castles, fortresses and palaces to explore. Some examples are: Stirling castle, Glamis castle, Balmoral castle and the Falkland palace.

Achmelvich beach – Who thinks that there are no azure blue oceans with white beaches in Scotland, hasn’t seen this beach! Achmelvich beach is about two miles from Lochinver and will definitely blow your mind.

Go camping! – In Scotland you can go camping for free almost anywhere. Take a tent and settle it down in one of the beautiful natural surroundings. Who knows, you may even see the aurora borealis appear at night!

eilean donan castle scotland

The Eilean Donan castle. Probably one of the most famous castles in the country!

   Things to avoid in Scotland

Not taking an adapter with you – In Scotland (the whole UK, in fact) they use a different power outlet. Be sure to bring an adapter with you if you travel to Scotland. If you’re staying in a remote village, they might not sell adapters …

Double-decker bus tours – In Edinburgh and Glasgow you see the hop-on hop-off buses appear in the streets very often. Avoid these tours. The cities are really not that big and much more fun to explore by walking. In addition, the buses drive way too fast to enjoy the beautiful buildings and neighborhoods of Scotland.

Have high expectations of the accommodations – In large and medium-sized cities you’ll find that most of the hotels, b&b’s or hostels are very luxurious, but if you go to smaller towns and villages in Scotland you shouldn’t expect too much from the accommodations. Luxury exists, but you’ll need to pay extra for that!

Not bringing appropriate clothing with you – The weather in Scotland can best be described as four seasons in one day. You never know exactly what will be presented on a specific moment. Sometimes there is sun one moment and then suddenly… Snow! So make sure you always have a few layers with you. So that you can arm yourself against every kind of weather!

old man of storr scottisch highlands

In the Scottish highlands you can also find the Old Man of Storr. A beautiful rock formation amidst beautiful nature!


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Places in Scotland

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