We all know the Kingdom Sverige, or Sweden, from brands like Ikea and H&M, as well as we know that it's a very expensive country. And of course that it is a part of Scandinavia. With a population number from around ten million, there only live 22 Swedes on average in every square kilometer of Swedish surface. However this is a bit of a distorted picture, because most of the Swedes live in the bigger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This country is part of the European Union, so if you have a European ID you don't need to get a passport. However, in this country you can't pay with the euro. Only with the Swedish kroner.
Definitely try the famous kötbullar, the Swedish meatballs we all know from Ikea. However, in a restaurant they are even better!
Winter and summer change the country completely. So both seasons are worth a visit. There's always plenty to do in Sweden! Especially for nature lovers or people who like short city trips.

 Places in Sweden

Malmö  |  Stockholm

The Landskrona Citadel in Sweden.

The Landskrona Citadel in Sweden.

   Average costs

Stay – Sweden isn’t that hard to find cheap accommodation in. You would expect that it’s impossible since it is a Scandinavian country… However, it has plenty of budget options! Hostels start at only 15 to 20 euro’s a night ($16,5 to $22).
A single room for someone alone or two people is a little costlier. Expect to pay between 40 and 60 euro’s a night ($44 to $66). For 60 euro’s you can find nice hotels or accommodations throughout Sweden. For real luxurious places they will charge you a little more though.
Hotels or accommodation in Sweden can be checked on this page.

Eat – Food is a little more expensive. On average it’s double of what is expected to be a ‘normal’ price in the US or western Europe.
In most cases, fastfood is the cheapest option. But healthy food isn’t that much more expensive. For a menu in a chain like Burger King and Maxx you will pay between 80 to 140 SEK (€8 to €13 or $9 to $14). A delicious kötbullar can be found for 170 to 180 SEK.
Cooking yourself is the cheapest option. If you have that possibility, you’ll save up to half on that cost.

Transport – Transportation in and around the bigger cities is excellent, but extremely expensive and most of the time not really necessary. Every big Swedish city is walkable.
If you plan on seeing some sights a little further outside the city, then you have the option to buy a day pass, three day pass or a week pass. In most cities a week pass is cheapest in comparison to the daily fee.

Stockholm, de hoofdstad van Zweden.

Stockholm, The capital of Sweden.

  Saving money

Cook yourself – Cooking yourself is saving half of the money. If you’re gonna cook yourself, try buying groceries at cheaper stores like Lidl. This way you save some extra money on your already expensive trip to Scandinavia

Tap water – Scandinavian countries have purified water coming out of their faucets. So it is perfect to fill your bottles up with and drink from. Instead of paying three or more euro’s ($3,5) you should rather bring a drinking bottle. Soda’s are even more expensive!
Water of a faucet is completely free in restaurants too. Another way to get rid of expensive costs at the restaurant.

Plan everything in advance – Well… everything is of course impossible, but at least try to plan most of it. By booking hotels a couple of weeks or months in advance, you can sometimes save up to 30% on your whole trip. Try to book in advance for accommodation, trips, transport and activities.

Camping – Did you come to Sweden to enjoy the beautiful nature? Then I have excellent news for you! In Sweden you can camp almost everywhere. But the best part of it all is that it’s completely free. You can’t camp in the city. But you can camp in the expansive and uninhabited nature, which also is found around Stockholm.

Myrflodammen in summer.

Myrflodammen in summer.


Stockholm – If there is one city you have to see in Sweden, it is Stockholm. Don’t plan too much time, because it’s rather small. One or two days are perfect to see and feel Stockholm. If you fly into Sweden, you’ll probably land in Stockholm. There are three different airports. Most of the time, the flights from Ryanair are cheapest. But remember that this airport is located furthest from the city and that it’s pretty expensive to buy a bus ticket to the city center.

Take trains – Wherever you want to go! The train rides are beautiful! On my train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen I saw beautiful, frozen lakes next to me, followed by huge mountains, snowy tree tops and cosy little houses.

Lapland – Lapland is spread over Finland, Sweden and Norway. This beautiful region, and home of Santa Claus, is a beautiful natural phenomenon. Wherever you are (Sweden, Finland or Norway), definitely visit this white region in the north. The chance to see some of the polar lights here is very high. Besides, in Lapland there is plenty to do! Like driving a husky or reindeer sleigh and of course speeding through the snow with your own snow scooter.

One night in the Ice hotel – Another place in the high north that you have to see and experience is the ice hotel. Every year you can sleep in this giant hotel, completely made out of ice, for a couple of months. If you don’t plan on going to Lapland, you can go to the smaller version of the hotel in Stockholm itself. In Stockholm you can pick up a drink in the cosy Ice Bar. A bar with its interior completely made out of ice.

Bulla – Everyone who likes sweets will love this! The delicious cinnamon bulla or the even more delicious saffron bulla are a dream for every sweet tooth!

De Zweedse vlag in een pitoresk steegje in Stockholm.

The Swedish flag in Stockholm.


Stay too long in the cities – Every single city in Sweden is small. Even the capital, Stockholm, is easy to see in one or two days. Don’t stay too long and plan ahead so that you use your days efficiently. That way, you’ll also save a lot of money and you can see more of Sweden.

Alcohol – Just, because it’s expensive. You really want to sip on an alcoholic beverage? Choose beer. Most of the time, this is the cheapest drink you’ll get. Buying alcohol at the airport isn’t a bad idea either.

Goteborg in Sweden

Goteborg, one of the bigger cities in Sweden.

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