Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a small island group that is located in between Krabi and Phuket. They are very easy to get to from these two cities. With a ferry, it takes you just a little over two hours.
Koh Phi Phi is mostly famous from its excellent party locations and the car free roads. If you saw the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo Dicaprio, then Koh Phi Phi might be familiar. The Tsunami of 2004 killed more than 1000 of the 10,000 people who were on the island, because the waves around this island were extremely high.
Koh Phi Phi consists out of six islands, but actually you can only visit two of them (and they are connected to one another). The other islands are rock formations.
Personally, I don't think the Phi Phi islands are a must. The island doesn't offer more than partying. I think you can spend your time better in more relaxed and less crowded islands around the Krabi region.

Monkey Beach, vlakbij de Phi Phi eilanden.

Monkey Beach, right next to the Phi Phi islands.

   Average costs

Stay – Backpackers who travel to Koh Phi Phi can find a multitude of hostels around the island. Prices start around 200 THB (€5 or $6) a night. A little more pricey than the mainland of Thailand. For a single (budget) room you pay around 500 THB (€10 or $11). Still cheap if you ask me.

A more luxurious sleeping spot will cost you quite a lot more. The minimum you’ll find will be around 1500 THB (€30 or $33).

A full list of accommodation with pricing you can find here.

Eat – Street food like in the rest of Thailand can’t really be found here. Well… Actually there is, but on a different manner. There are no food carts. But luckily there are plenty of little shacks who offer cheap food around the maze of Koh Phi Phi.
Koh Phi Phi is very touristic and costs a little more on average. Expect to pay 80 THB for a cheaper meal (€2 or $2,25). In a restaurant, the cheapest you’ll find will be around 120 THB (€3 or $3,5).

Transport – There is no transport on Koh Phi Phi. And it’s not necessary either. The island is tiny and you can easily walk around. You want to use the ferry to go to Koh Phi Phi (or another island)? Check out this page.

vuurdansen koh phi phi

Dacing with fire on the Phi Phi Don island.

   Saving money

Don’t eat at the beach – All the restaurants, clubs and bars who are located near the beach are a lot more expensive and don’t always offer a better quality. If you don’t need to sit at the beach, just go visit a restaurant around the maze of Phi Phi.

Book a longboat together – There are plenty of tourists in Koh Phi Phi on any given day. Besides the clubs, shows and people watching there isn’t that much to do around Koh Phi Phi. Definitely not during daylight. That’s why most of the people go visit the islands around Phi Phi. Book a longboat together to get a way better price.

Clownvissen nabij Shark Point.

Clown fish near Shark Point.


PARTY! – Koh Phi Phi is very popular amongst youngsters and that has its reasons… Night after night the whole island becomes a place of celebration. Once it starts to get dark, you’ll notice lots of shows on the beaches. They are especially there so the bars get a lot of people inside. But let’s be honest: partying on a tropical beach… Who doesn’t want to do that?

Phi Phi Viewpoint – During sundown or sunset. After a steep climb to the highest point of the island, you’ll get surrounded by other curious tourists who want to see this beautiful phenomenon. To see the sun come up or go down from this great place is definitely worth the hike.

Go watch a fire show – During the evenings there are a lot of fire shows throughout the island. When you hear the loud oh’s and ah’s from a bunch of tourists, you’ve probably found a place. These rulers of fires are mostly to be seen along the beaches of Phi Phi.

Go to monkey beach – With a longboat or organised tour. You have to go to Monkey Beach. The extreme white sand is the finest that I’ve ever felt between my hands or toes! Even better than the beach at the Whitsundays (Australia). However, thé attraction at this island are the many monkeys who are absolutely not shy. Take your camera out, but keep it clenched between your fists. The monkeys like to steal bottled water and food. Maybe even camera’s…

Diving or snorkelling – The Phi Phi islands are very popular among divers. You only need to spend a short amount of time on the boat to get to some amazing underwater locations. With the many tours to the surrounding islands, you will probably already see a lot of the underwater beauty while snorkelling.

koh phi phi

Day tour to one of the surrounding islands.


Stay too long – The island is very small and if you want to do more than just partying or visit the surrounding islands (definitely doable in just one day), they two days at the Koh Phi Phi islands are more than enough. Perhaps you can also do a side trip to Koh Lanta or another populated island.

Annoy yourself – There are a lot of young, immature tourists who come to the island to just do whatever they like. They don’t have any respect for the local culture or nature. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, Koh Phi Phi is nothing for you.

Het Phi Phi eiland viewpoint.

The Phi Phi island viewpoint.

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