Las Vegas

The weirdest city I saw in the United States must be Las Vegas. From Los Angeles, the city is quite easy to each. The drive takes three hours and takes you through a deserted dessert until suddenly the giant illuminated city shows up. Las Vegas is the naughtiest city of the USA and that's exactly why it has so much Americans and tourists coming by. Alcoholic beverages are everywhere (and almost always free!), money gets lost and won and the hotels and casinos become bigger and more chic year after year. Vegas mostly is a gambling city. The many casinos pull in a lot of visitors. But gambling the whole day long is something you'd better not do. Luckily there are plenty of shows to see. From Cirque du Soleil to world famous superstarts who come and give the best of themselves.

Binnenin een casino in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a gambling paradise.

  Average costs

Stay – Luxury ressorts, giant rooms and amazing extras. Strange enough, all this luxury is very affordable. Well, it isn’t that strange, really… The hotel chains just want to get as many people in their rooms as possible, so that they then spend lots of money in the neighbouring (or hotel owned) casinos.

You don’t have broad choice of hostels, but whatever choice you have is located pretty close to the city center. For about $20 to $25 you get a bed in a dorm. Motels are to be found all around Las Vegas and often they don’t cost a lot more than hostels. With motels you do get a private room though.

The luxurious hotels and ressorts start at $80 a night. However, it must be said that most of these hotels have ‘sales’ or other conditions to score cheap accommodation quite regularly. Sometimes the hotels go away for less than $30 a night. During weekdays, the prices are a lot lower too.

A full list of Las Vegas accommodation can be found here.

Eat – In general, Las Vegas is a little more expensive than the rest of America. Just like in theme parks, fastfood is more expensive than elsewhere. For only a couple of dollars more, you can find pretty good food in Vegas. Burgers cost around $15 (€14) in a good restaurant. A delicious pizza, or Italian food in general, are about the same price.

Try visiting Gordon Ramsey’s Burgr. You’ll find good and cheap hamburgers. For Italian food, Maggiano’s is your best bet.

Transport  If you stay in the center of Las Vegas, transportation is really not necessary. Everything is on walking distance within Vegas itself. Most of the times you don’t even have to get out of the casinos. Because there are covered walkways and corridors who connect all hotels and casinos with each other. The famous fountains of the Bellagio hotel are easy to walk to too.

If you plan on going to the Grand Canyon it is best to hire a car.

Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas strip.

  Saving money

Free alcohol  Go inside whatever casino, spend a couple of dimes on the machines and ask whatever cocktail you like. The waiters will give you very strong alcoholic drinks as long as you play the slots (or whatever you want to play). Don’t forget to tip them, that way you’ll get even more cocktails and they are free, so… In Las Vegas the waiters often forget to ask for ID’s, so even -21 can drink alcohol.

Don’t buy alcohol at restaurants – Don’t drink while you’re eating out. The businesses take advantage of the alcohol prices and definitely overcharge.

Go during weekdays  Vegas is one of the most popular weekend side trips for many Americans. During weekends you’ll see a huge increase in the costs of hotels and shows in Vegas. Try to plan your visit to Vegas during weekdays to get great discounts and have a lot less tourists around.

Bellagio fonteinen in Las Vegas.

Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.


The strip  The famous strip of Las Vegas is impressive enough to leave the casinos for a while. On the strip you’ll see the impressive exterior from the many casinos, hotels and resorts.

Venice  A clone of Venice is made inside one of the casinos. The gondolas, the beautiful architecture, … You’ll find pretty much everything you will also find back in Venice. Surprise yourself and get on a gondola boat ride while listening to the sounds of slot machines around you.

Besides Venice there are a lot of other cities from around the world that have been cloned throughout Vegas.

Bellagio Fountains  One of the images everyone gets when visiting Las Vegas are the famous Bellagio fountains. On regular moments, these fountains spew millions of liters of water in the air on the beats of uplifting music. An absolute must that will give you lots of wow’s and waw’s.

Shows  Book one of the shows in Las Vegas. Every show is from world class and there is something to see for everyone. The most shows of Cirque du Soleil are played year round, but concert from (for example) Britney Spears are available. Another popular show is the Blue Man Group.

Viva Vision Light Show  Every day there are a couple of light shows near the Fremont Street Experience. With more than 12 million led lights and a perfect sound installation, this free activity is definitely worth a visit.

The Tank  In the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas you can see on of worlds most unique aquariums. The tank is filled with tropical fish and sharks, but what makes this place most impressive is the slide that rungs through the tank. You can slide all the way down from the three flours high aquarium. A unique experience!

Grand Canyon  From Las Vegas its another six hour drive to the Grand Canyon National Park, but is is definitely worth it! One of America’s most famous sights that you will enjoy very much. Try to go go a couple of days, because there are multiple national parks around this area.

Pyramid Hotel en Casino in Las Vegas.

The Pyramid Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


Clubs  Not all clubs, of course. A lot of clubs ask entrance fees that are way too high! Try going to some more touristy clubs or bars. Most of the times there’s a way better atmosphere and the alcohol is a lot cheaper too.

Let the waiters get you drunk  Alcohol is (mostly) free throughout Vegas. And because of the huge amounts of alcohol, you will start to do silly things in Vegas… Know your limit. Especially when you start to gamble. Besides; Vegas is a lot more enjoyable without a hangover.

Jaywalking  Pedestrians can only cross the roads on designated areas. If you cross somewhere else and the police sees you, you will be fined for at least $350. Money you can rather spend on slot machines.

Casino ATM’s  Get your money from other ATM’s than those available at the casino’s. Next to the normal fees, the ATM’s charge an extra $4 to $6 per transaction.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

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