Miami is a major city in the USA that comes close to the Caribbean. With lush beaches and beautiful see-through water you definitely have arrived in paradise. Famous from Miami Vice and CSI Miami, the tanned bodies and beautiful people are everywhere! The climate is nice year round. Even the pristine beaches have temperatures from 30°C (86°F) around the clock. This city in the south of Florida is a perfect vacation spot for everyone who likes carefree vacations and doesn't mind losing out on too many sightseeing options. Except for the well-known Everglades, there aren't too many cultural activities you can do in Miami. Go sightseeing in downtown Miami and Miami Beach, and in the afternoon you can relax on simmering hot beaches. Partying, relaxing and enjoying life. That's what Miami stands for!

Miami Beach

Miami Beach.

  Average costs

Stay – Around downtown Miami you’ll find the cheapest places to stay. However, the nicest place to stay is around South Beach (SoBe). Hostels around this area cost you about $20 (€18) a night. The nice thing about hostels in the USA is that often you get free breakfast and dinner! Don’t expect too much from it, but still… Free food!

For a single (two persons) room, you’ll pay a lot extra. But of course it’s a little more luxurious and quiet than in a hostel. Expect to pay around $80 a room. (€72)

For an overview of all accommodation in the SoBe area you can check this page.
For an overview of all accommodation in the Downtown Miami area, you can check this page.

Food – (Good) Food was quite expensive in Miami, compared to the rest of America. For a burger with fries and a soda you’ll need to pay $20 (€18). The cheapest you’ll find is about $16 (€15) but don’t forget the tip of 15% you have to add on these prices!

Transport – Public transportation is quite good in Miami. The busses that stop at Miami Airport easily bring you to Downtown or one of the beach areas. A single ticket costs $2,25 (€2) and an unlimited day pass is $5 (€4,5).

Taxi’s are rather expensive and not really necessary. The public transportation is fast enough and the distances aren’t too big.

Boottocht in Miami.

Spotting villa’s from the many boat tours that are offered.

  Saving money

Predrinks – Going out in Miami can cost you hundreds of dollars. To keep a little more of your vacation money, you’d better already drink some alcoholic beverages while at home. You can get booze in the many supermarkets all around the place, like Wallgreens or CVS. Do keep in mind that you have to be 21 to consume alcohol in the USA. Also when you’re -21 you do not get allowed into clubs. So don’t forget to take your ID with you when you go clubbing!

Go to the Everglades yourself – And book a tour from there. The transport to the Everglades often costs most of your whole trip. If you hire a car anyway, you’d better use it! Otherwise you’ll pay a surcharge of at least 30% on your Everglades tour.

Buy a bus day pass – Or if you’re planning to stay longer and do more sightseeing; a week pass. To see some of the sights of Miami, you need to transfer busses at certain times. That way you already need to pay $2,25 x 2. And then you still need to go back… A day pass often comes out a lot cheaper.

Miami is perfect voor een strandvakantie!

Miami is a perfect beach holiday destination!


Everglades – Go have an adventure between the giant swamps of the Everglades. Home of giant crocodiles, alligators, anacondas and other creepy animals. People who are interested in birds and other (smaller) wildlife will probably love the Everglades as well. You have the possibility to hop on an airboat (the boats with the big propellers) or a smaller boat, which will bring you a lot closer into the mangrove forests.

The Keys – About three hours driving from Miami. An island archipelago with an excellent road connection from the mainland. If you want to escape the bustling city, these islands are a top choice.

Key west is the nicest island to be. But it also is located the furthest away. Definitely go see the southernmost point of continental USA and go visit the Zachary Tayflor Fort.

More info about Key west can be found here.

Little Havana – A lot of Cubans live in and around Miami. Cuba only lies about 100 kilometers away (80 miles). Little Havana gives a nice insight on how Cuban culture mixed with America. Try to eat at one of the typical Cuban restaurants with uplifting music.

Venice Pool – Everyone who wants an atypical swimming experience should go to Venice pool. The outside pool makes you believe you’re swimming in a flooded Venice.

Go out! – Go enjoy the excellent nightlife in Miami! Great music, an amazing party crowd and heavenly cocktails! Let yourself go on the tropical dance floor!

Relaxation – Don’t forget. You go to Miami to relax. Go hire yourself a beach chair and enjoy the burning hot sun. Go jump in your swimming pool or the warm sea. Maybe you see some tropical fish swimming by!

People looking – No idea why everyone keeps telling me that Miami is full of gorgeous people. There are, of course, some very good looking persons strolling around the Miami beaches, but sixpacks or super skinny girls I have not seen that much during my stay in Miami. And honestly, the beaches were packed!

I personally liked the kind of crazy people who sat around the wooden embankment the most.

Little Havanna in Miami

Little Havanna.


Sightseeing bus – The typical hop-on, hop-off busses without roof are expensive and they rarely make a stop at some of the famous sights. If you always have to get off to take a closer look somewhere, you won’t see a lot. Because there aren’t that many busses coming by.
Definitely watch out for attacking branches while you’re on top of the bus.

Tanning without sunscreen – The sun in Miami is mercilessly. Even when you think you’re an expert tanner whose skin doesn’t burn anymore. You’ll get red as a lobster if you don’t watch out.

Overtown – The only neighbourhood around the city you shouldn’t visit.

Everglades miami

The Everglades national park.

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