Los Tres Ojos and partying!

It was amazing yesterday evening! With some new friends I went to one of the squares in the Zona Colonial again. Every evening, it’s a party over there it seems! The whole square is filled with little benches and still it is hard to find a place. For all party animals there only is one shop with an infinite supply of alcohol and other drinks. We drink big (‘Jumbo’) bottles of ‘Presidente’. The local beer of the Dominican Republic.

The Los Tres Ojos park in Santo Domingo.

The Los Tres Ojos park in Santo Domingo.

The percentage of alcohol is a lot higher than what I’m used to in Belgium, and it doesn’t take long until I get a little tipsy.
At least it helps me talk to other people! Besides us, two Haitians take place. With them I can communicate quite easily, since they also speak French.
When we’re just a tiny bit more tipsy, we take the party elsewhere before I again hop in my bed way too late.

This morning I woke up around 07:00 AM, because the Polish guy from the hostel was a little loud before he left us to go to Haiti.

I sleep a little longer, but at 08:30 AM I wake up.

I’ve seen most of Santo Domingo now, but there’s one more thing that I’d like to see still. The National park ‘The three eyes’, in Spanish: Los Tres Ojos.

I heard from friends that Uber is used in the Dominican Republic too, and today is the day I’m gonna try it.

The fourth 'hole' in the Los Tres Ojos park.

The fourth ‘hole’ in the Los Tres Ojos park.

Uber is a smartphone app that lets you drive with locals for a way cheaper price than taking a cab all the time.

A little scared, I get into the yellow car, because… Well you never know. My fear was for nothing, because the guy is incredibly friendly and brings me right in front of the entrance of the park.

Our communication, like always in the DR, is hard. I don’t speak Spanish very well and he doesn’t speak a word of English. Ay caramba!

Once arrived, I pay hundred Dominican pesos to enter the park. Within a minute, hoards of guides come to me, but I don’t think I need an expensive guide to see this park.

Once I descend from the quite steep stairs, I see an underground world appear in front of me. With stalactites and stalagmites this is an incredibly beautiful landscape. At the bottom, there are three underground lakes in a beautiful, azure blue.

I read that there’s lots of bats here, but I can’t see any of them.

After walking around a little more, I climb the stairs again to explore the surrounding nature of this park. Beautiful!

I take another Uber back to the hostel and refresh myself before I walk back to the Zona Colonial.

I will meet up there with some friends again. After a couple of good margarita’s (with strawberries and a fruit I didn’t knew, YUM!) we walk around the center a little more.

The guy, Pedro, tells me that there’s a big party every Sunday in Santo Domingo. Salsa, uplifting beats and live music! What does one want more?!

On top of a very steep street, people from all ages dance together. Everyone shakes their hips to the sultry beats of the Dominican music.

Heavy rainfall makes the party quit quite abruptly, but once the worst is over it starts again. Without live music however.

Mojito’s for only a little more than two dollars a drink… You get it. I too started to try my Caribbean dance moves!

Santo Domingo is great! Tomorrow I leave fro Puerto Plata. I’m curious how I will like it there!

Party in Santo Domingo! Every sunday!

Party in Santo Domingo! Every sunday!

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