Marigot and car crashes

Unfortunately, day two in Saint Martin started a little depressing. As usual, I got up early. Outside I could hear the soft, comfortable sound of raindrops and when I looked up I saw several ominous dark clouds. It seemed that the sky didn't really know what it wanted since it was very dry and suddenly raining at moments. I decided to wait quietly until the worse clouds disappeared. Meanwhile, I got a little better acquainted with Cliff, an American who was sleeping in my room, and Anke; a Dutch girl who slept next to us in the girls dorm.

The Fort Louis Fort in Sint Maarten, in Marigot (the French side).

The Fort Louis Fort in Sint Maarten, in Marigot (the French side).

One of the smaller planes taking off at Maho Beach.

One of the smaller planes taking off at Maho Beach.

Anke told us she had a rental car and so I asked what she was going to do today.
She didn’t really have plan, so I suggested to do some sightseeing together. Cliff had nothing else to do, so he wanted to come with us as well. The more the merrier!

I proposed to go to Marigot, the capital of the French-speaking part. There were some beautiful places to see. For me, the main reason to visit Marigot was the beautiful St. Louis fort.

When we got there we were all very pleased with the beautiful views that the fort gave us. The fort itself was quite impressive, but the view we got over almost the entire island was magnificent! When we all stood on the top, it started to rain. A special feeling, but staying there too long with my slippers on the very slippery stones was perhaps not a great idea.

We were all a bit hungry and decided to go to one of the restaurants in Marigot. Along the way we encountered a booth at which they sold delicious fruit shakes. The friendly woman kept giving samples, so we actually already had our vitamin intake for the day, before we even sipped our very own fruit shakes.

The 'I love Sint Maarten' sign in Marigot.

The ‘I love Sint Maarten’ sign in Marigot.

In Marigot itself, there was not much to see. So we decided to go on to the next stop; Grand Case. A place in the far north of the island.
We weren’t very lucky, because Anke -who wasn’t accustomed to driving here- crashed against another parked car. In Europe we’re all used to drive with stick shifts, you see. And driving with an automatic car can be a little hard when you’re doing it for the first time.

Because of this we spent the rest of the day mainly in a garage where all papers would be put in order.
Just when the first accident was almost settled, someone asked Anke if she could move her car. She agreed and put her car near the entrance, right when a French girl, without looking, drove up to the parking lot.
Accident number two…
I don’t think it was Anke’s lucky day today.

After all the paperwork finally was filled out, and no new accidents happened, we moved on to the airport. She had to go there since now she had to talk to her car rental about the insurance.

As tomorrow would be my last day already I decided to get out a little before the airport. Maho Beach!
Probably the most famous beach of St. Maarten. This is the beach where hundreds of aircraft land only a few meters above the people’s heads.
When I arrived, the rain had clearly left its mark. Pretty much the entire street was flooded. The sea itself was very wild and flooded the street a couple more times.
No wonder there were no other tourists on the beach…

Because it was already quite late, there were only small planes which took off and landed regularly. Still special, because they fly very close. Tomorrow, however, I was going to check the exact landing times. You can’t go to Sint Maarten without having a four engine plane fly over your head!

One of the smaller planes taking off at Maho Beach.

One of the smaller planes taking off at Maho Beach.

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