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The Baltic states are cheap, and if it's not expensive... I'll take advantage of it of course! During my stay in Riga I ate good (read: excellent!) food every day, and I searched out the eateries that locals and tourists alike appreciated most. Ridiculously cheap food and delicious. Riga is a paradise for food lovers!

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The 'Big Bad Bagels' restaurant in Riga.

The ‘Big Bad Bagels’ restaurant in Riga.


It’s a bad habit, but I don’t often eat breakfast. During my three-day stay in the capital of Latvia, I had breakfast only once, and that on my last day. Had I known earlier that my breakfast would be so good, I probably would’ve you ignore my bad habit for a couple of days!

‘Big Bad Bagels’ may sound a bit like the big bad wolf, but the bagels that are presented to you are de-lic-ious!

The small restaurant/tavern is quite nice but it seems a little bit stuffed with furniture. Perhaps it gets crowded quite often, but this Tuesday I was the only customer.

When you’re make your choice out of the extensive menu, you can order and you are asked what kind of bagel you would like. A ‘normal’, multigrain or gluten-free bagel is possible, but also ones with cheese, olives or anything else really.

As I waited for my Italian ‘breakfast bagel” I was presented with my freshly squeezed juice (Latvian orange, it was called I believe): apple, orange and carrot. Yummy!
The bacon sizzled and popped on the stove and five minutes later I was presented with my sandwich.

Eggs, bacon and cheese spread. Simple but tasty!

The bagel is a bit difficult to eat, because soon my whole hand was covered with cream cheese, but with a knife and fork it goes somewhat better …

I could definitely not complain about the price. €6.50. In Belgium you would already pay €5 for a fresh orange juice alone…
Big bad bagels is definitely recommended if you are in Riga!

Address: Baznīcas street 8, Riga, Latvia

A simple bagel... I never thought it could taste that good!

A simple bagel… I never thought it could taste that good!

Lunch and dinner

I’m not always a fan of TripAdvisor, but to find great restaurants and eateries I often use this website.
Quite highly ranked was the ‘Folk Klubs Ala Pagrabs’. A bar / restaurant near St. Peter’s Church.

After you descend some stairs, you find yourself in a kind of basement which is very cozy. The music is -in my opinion- too loud, but once you get presented with the menu, there are other things to concentrate your senses on.

Because the food here is tasty (and again: cheap) I came to this place for three days in a row. After all, there were just too many goodies on the menu that I wanted to try.

What I recommend:

  • Chicken breast stuffed with nuts and spinach, wrapped in a layer of bacon. YUMMY! And just under € 10!
  • The Latvian dumplings with sauerkraut and potatoes au gratin. € 6.50 and ridiculously tasty.
  • Sponge honey cake. A light, sweet cake topped with a caramel sauce. When I think back I start salivating again! €3!

Address: Peldu iela 19 Centra rajons, Riga, Latvia.

The Latvian meat balls I tried. A tasy, local dish!

The Latvian meat balls I tried. A tasy, local dish!


The nightlife in Riga may not be ecstatic but drinking a little is never wrong, right?

In Skybar at the Radison Blu hotel (near the Orthodox church with the golden dome), you get fine wines and cocktails.
For Riga the drinks are a bit pricey, but the view you get from the 26th floor is pretty phenomenal.

The shot bar is located near the old town and has a wide range of shots and cocktails. Would you like to get your buzz on? Then descend to this pub which opened in a basement.
A shot will cost you between €2.5 and €5, but know that they contain 150 ml of alcohol. Not exactly small shots…
I wasn’t amazed by the quality of the cocktails, but for this price you can’t have high standards. €5 for a cocktail is really no money.

Sipping cocktails from the Skybar in Riga.

Sipping cocktails from the Skybar in Riga.


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