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Anyone who has ever seen pictures or video footage of Copenhagen will surely recognize the colored houses of Nyhavn. The new port of the Danish capital is known for its colorful buildings and is one of the most popular sights. Both in the summers and during the winter, this colorful phenomenon is wonderful to see. Take a seat at one of the restaurants in Nyhavn, and enjoy the view with a nice drink or a typical Danish snack. Those who prefer to enjoy from the water can of course also take a boat trip.


nyhavn copenhagen

Nyhavn is beautiful at any time of the day, but at sunset there really is a magical atmosphere around this place!


The Nyhavn is decorated with characteristic colored houses, the oldest of which was built at the end of the 17th century. The construction of the port is entirely due to King Christiaan V who could consider this as one of his few successful projects. Although the port had a bad name because of the nuisance of seafarers and inconvenient entertainment with women they had there, it finally ended well with the Nyhavn!

What to do in Nyhavn?

The port is still an important place as an entertainment area. The whole neighborhood has pubs, cafes and restaurants to make it cozy until late in the evening. Before you go in one of these places, you should first walk around the neighborhood to see some beautiful gems. For example, fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived at number 67. Poets, dancers and painters also found their way to the harbor.

colorful houses nyhavn

The colorful houses of Nyhavn. Once a not so great neighborhood, now one of the favorite places of tourists and locals!

Boat trip

One of the best trips you can make in and around Nyhavn is a boat trip with a guide. From the water you have a unique view of the quay and in the meantime the guide tells you everything you need to know about the area. And of course this is also the perfect opportunity to make some special photos of the port.
Usually you leave Nyhavn, or you end up there. A one-hour tour costs around €11, but you can also book combi tours.

Nyhavn restaurants

The restaurants around Nyhavn offer a glimpse into different cuisines. The Danish kitchen contains various culinary delights, such as smørrebrød as a lunch dish and a hearty evening meal based on potatoes and fish. On the street you will find a sausage stall on almost every corner. After dinner it’s time to visit the cafes. The Danish beer is light in taste and drinks easily. Local delicacies such as Akvavit and of course Carlsberg beer can also be found everywhere.

restaurants nyhavn

It will not be cheap to dine in Copenhagen, but you’re also in one of the most beautiful locations in the city…

Spend the night in Nyhavn

Waking up with a view over the Nyhavn, who wouldn’t want that? I’ll give you some ideas:
Sleep in the 71 Nyhavn Hotel, a more than 200-year-old department store with views over the water and the impressive boats. Or choose the Bedwood hostel, which is one of the most cozy places that you will find in Copenhagen. Another option is the stately building of Hotel Bethel, where popular attractions such as Tivoli and the famous image of the little mermaid are very close to.

Excursions in Nyhavn and Copenhagen

Are you still looking for fun things to do in Copenhagen? Nyhavn is one of the sights that you shouldn’t miss. But there is also a lot more to see! Take a guided tour -by bike, on foot or by boat- and discover this beautiful city.
Be sure to look at these possibilities. Maybe you’ll find something for you!


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