Wham! Here I am again! I can't get enough of the city with the fine canals and millions of bicycles! Hostels are very expensive and often it was even cheaper to book a hotel. Especially when you're with two people! Me and Stephanie booked a budget hotel in the city center, and once I arrived I just plopped on the bed and rested a bit. Afterwards, I went out to explore the city a little bit more. Stephanie only arrived tonight, so I had some spare time to fill first.

A delicious (and cheap!) jacket potatoe from Jacketz in Amsterdam.

A delicious (and cheap!) jacket potatoe from Jacketz in Amsterdam.

Around nine o’clock in the evening Stephanie arrived. Tonight we would go partying in Amsterdam!

Today I ate a delicious jacket potatoe with a chicken salad, lots of cheese, bacon and garlic. If you are in Amsterdam; Jacketz is really a must do! It’s super cheap, not at all crowded but most of all: it’s very tasty!

I convinced Stephanie the next day to go down once again and we both gobbled the giant potato with lots of love!
Garlic is probably not a good idea if you plan to go out at night… Without me realizing, my mouth was quite stinky all the time. When Stephanie shoved a dozen or so mints in my mouth I only realized how bad it must’ve been.

My toothbrush was transformed into a scrubbing brush and I tried brushing away the garlic smell as much as possible. With regular check-ups by Steph we could finally leave with confidence.
I bought a few bottles of desperados and YouTube helped us with picking some songs that would get us in the party mood. It was only ten o’clock, but the party had definitely already started in our room!

In the absence of a bottle opener we had to be equally inventive. Fortunately, the door lock helped a bit, and we could feel free to enjoy our drinks.
After our heads were a little lighter and our laughter became louder and louder, we decided it was time to leave.

Stephanie pulled me quickly along the small canals and in five minutes we were already in a bar on the Leidseplein, where a live band was playing all kinds of rock songs and we headbanged along! After being there for a while, we roamed some other places a bit further down the Leidseplein and finally came out in a very cozy establishment.

Amsterdam + good weather = HEAVEN!

Amsterdam + good weather = HEAVEN!

We started talking with an American couple who were surprised that I had a flash during our selfie session.
They lived here for two years and absolutely loved Amsterdam! Beside us, there were a few other guests listening to our conversation and soon enough we all started talking with eachother…

Belgian and Dutch people always make jokes about each other, so of course we did this too! We laughed so hard, that I wouldn’t have been surprised that someone choked because of the laughter.
Having drunk our Duvel we politely said goodbye to our new friends and continued partying in beautiful Amsterdam.

At five o’clock we stopped ourselves, since we still needed some energy for the next day…

The second day in Amsterdam we spent our hard earned cash on clothes, shoes and more before we again went partying in this beautiful city!

The Netherlands is amazing. A beautiful country and so close to Belgium! My love for the Netherlands has reached high levels once again, and I’m sure it won’t take long before I’m back!

While I am writing this, the Dutch landscape is again exchanged for the Belgian.
Europe is so beautiful! I’m sure I will go visit more of it this summer!

The flower market in Amsterdam. Famous for its tulips!

The flower market in Amsterdam. Famous for its tulips!

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