Skydiving in Spa, Belgium

Written by Sam Van den Haute aka CheckOutSam

Bryan Adams may sing about his summer of '69, but for me it was mostly the summer of 2016 that I will remember!
After the Netherlands , the Gentse Feesten and my citytrip toBerlin I had to finish the summer holidays with something very special! And how better to end this amazing summer, then to cross off skydiving from my bucket list?
A few months ago I won a free tandem jump. So it was about time to receive my prize and let my nerves scream through my body!

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Posing with my skydiving instructor before takeoff!

Posing with my skydiving instructor before takeoff!

Skydiving in Spa with amazing weather!

Spa is close to Belgium’s northern neighbors (the Netherlands) and since I live on the other side of Belgium this is still quite a while away. Because of this, I wanted to do my skydive experience on the perfect day and thus I waited patiently for the sun to shine again above our gloomy, Belgian country.
That, but the expiration date of of my gift card was also almost upon us. And that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? To not use such an amazing gift!
It was high time that I was jumping out of a plane!

After two hours of driving, I finally arrived in the very sunny Spa. This week, a heat wave entered Belgium. So I could not have picked a better time to jump out of a plane on 4000 metres of altitude!

Nervous smile before boarding the aircraft...

Nervous smile before boarding the aircraft…


You of course don’t jump out of an airplane every day. My mother was therefore already convinced that she would soon have to arrange my funeral and that the only thing left of me would be a flat pancake. Maybe it was a good thing she had not come with me… On my own I was already nervous enough!

Fortunately, the nervousness slowly went away, when I saw that all previous jumpers safely flopped down on the ground.

Two hours more. One hour more. Thirty minutes more … “Sam?
The moment was almost there, with only fifteen more minutes of waiting. My skydive instructor would be my best friend for the next half hour. After all, he was responsible for my safe landing!

After a moment’s doubt about how to properly put the harness on me we got together with the cameraman, and walked towards the small propeller plane.
Together with seven other people probably thinking they would die today we climbed into the noisy machine, and once we all sat down -without belt – the propellers began to spin faster and faster.
The transparent shutter served as a door and after closing it shut, we took off.

We would rise to 4000 meters and from there we would all the way jump back down. Thousand meters, two thousand meters, three thousand meters…
I looked left and right at the tiny little landscape that stretched out beneath me. We could even see that the world is spherical, because the underlying landscape sloped gently.
With not even one cloud in the sky and a fiercely shining sun, I was ready for the jump.

I was number two to jump and the woman next to me looked anything but at ease.
“Are you sure you don’t want to jump first?” She joked.
“Ladies first!” I said.

The light beside her turned green and suddenly she seemed to turn into Snow White. Her cameraman stepped outside and the woman was pushed forward by her tandem instructor. She looked up, trying not to see the four kilometers lower lying Spa. Before she knew it, she was swept away by the strong wind and there was no trace of her ever being on that plane.

My mouth seems to make the words "Oh my god!" or something... I wonder why?

My mouth seems to make the words “Oh my god!” or something… I wonder why?


Number two.
My transparent, very fashionable glasses were set up by my instructor and before we left I gave a fist bump to the cameraman and the instructor.

The man with the GoPro on his helmet climbed out and waited for us.
“Go.” The instructor assured me.

Since the hatch was slid open, I was not so sure if I still wanted to do this skydive. I think it was now already a little too late to get cold feet though…
As requested I formed my body into a banana and I curled my feet under the plane while I sat on the edge of this flying means of transportation.
The cameraman jumped into the abyss and I knew that we had to follow immediately.

There was no sound, and for a moment I couldn’t even breathre. No more than one second, because then I screamed.


My whole face was temporarily subjected to a form of plastic surgery. My chubby cheeks went all wrinkled like the skin of a Shar Pei dog (the very wrinkly dogs), while the veins swelled on my head and my head became red as a tomato.

I smiled, yelled and roared and put my thumbs in the air liking this skydive VERY much!

“Three, two, one…”
The parachute was opened. With a strong pull my instructor and me got catapulted into the air while the cameraman tumbled a bit lower before he also ejected his giant parachute opening because of the heavy gusts of wind.

We went a lot slower than the 180 km / h we went before, but we were still going very fast.

My instructor gave me the two ropes of the parachute in my hands and ordered me to pull left and right, so that we would eventually come down safely on the spa-la sauvenière airport.
I pulled as hard as I could, but could hardly move the parachute.

“Come on! Show me your muscles! ” The instructor joked.

I pulled as hard as I could but couldn’t seem to make it work. Once the man gave me a little help all became much easier.
As a petal we floated through the air, spinning and twirling around until gravity guided our feet back to the ground.

I screamed out of joy,  and my smile remained for tens of minutes on my face before I went to pick up my beautiful photo souvenirs of my skydive.
Skydiving is truly an amazing experience.

Once the parachute gets ejected, you get a beautiful view over Belgium.

Once the parachute gets ejected, you get a beautiful view over Belgium.

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