15 Things to do in Malmö, Sweden

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Malmö is the third biggest city of Sweden, after Stockholm and Göteborg, and is the city that connects Sweden and Scandinavia with the rest of Europe. A short drive will take you to the iconic Sont Bridge, which connects Sweden with Denmark. And while many make the mistake of driving further north after the crossing, there are still a few reasons why you can stay in Malmö for a few more days. These are the main things to do in Malmö, Sweden:

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Best way to explore Malmö? A boat tour!

The best way to get to know Malmö, is through a (cheap!) guided boat tour! A local will guide you along the canals of Malmö in just 50 minutes and show you the best sights and beautiful viewpoints.
You can check prices and possibilities below through GetYourGuide. Through this website, you can always cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance.


1. Explore the canals of Malmö

Malmö is a cute city filled with waterways and little canals. So why not explore the city from a unique perspective and hop into a boat for a short sightseeing tour

For only €16 per person you’ll get to see this small city from a unique perspective and learn more about history and get to see both the old and modern monuments of Malmö. Feel free to take drinks or snacks on board – it is allowed and obviously the perfect place to hold a cute little pick-nick!

Check out the options and availability here:

malmo boat tour

A boat tour is, in my opinion, always one of the best ways to explore a new city!

2. Öresund bridge

Anyone who crosses the Öresund bridge or the Sont bridge from Denmark to Malmö, Sweden already has seen one of Malmö’s most remarkable sights. The bridge consists of a railway line with a road that extends to the island of Peberholm, and is about 5 miles long. From the island, the bridge continues in the form of a tunnel that reaches Copenhagen in about 2,5 miles. Those who spend a city trip in Malmö can thus make a short excursion from Malmö to Copenhagen.

Öresund bridge things to do in Malmo

The Öresund bridge connects Malmö with Denmark and is a sight on itself!

3. Turning Torso

Located within two miles from Malmö Central Station lies the most discussed construction of southern Sweden. The Turning Torso skyscraper is undoubtedly the most striking sight of all the things to do in Malmö. The 623 feet tall building is based on a work of art of Santiago Calatrava called the Twisting Torso. The odd shape of the skyscraper has placed the city on the architectural map.

turning torso things to do in Malmo

The Turning Torso does look a bit like a spine, don’t you think?

4. The Disgusting Food Museum

If contemporary art isn’t really your thing, a visit to the Disgusting Food Museum might be the perfect alternative!

Here you can see no less than 80 bizarre food habits from all over the world. Most of the delicacies that you see here are freshly prepared and you can even sample some of the foods!
What do you think of balut, for example? A tasty egg prepared in the Philippines. Instead of a creamy scrambled egg, you are this time served a boiled duck foeutus. I heard that with a little pinch of salt, it tastes even better.

Disgusting habits aren’t only found in far away places! In Sardinia, for example, you can find Casu Marzu. This is a cheese that is inhabited by larvae of the cheese fly. Because these tiny worms can jump up to 15 centimeters high, you have to cover your eyes when you take a bite out of this delicacy.
If you think you can’t stomach the taste (or smells!) of these food, rest assured. Vomit bags are of course provided!

The idea behind the Disgusting Food museum is actually quite noble. The owners want us to think about our perception of food, because we simply throw away way too much food. Why do we find eating insects or meat that was grown in a lab so nasty? If we all get a different perception of what is disgusting, maybe we can eventually find a more sustainable solution for getting our daily dose of proteins!

Want to see this pretty unique museum? Check out availability and prices here:

disgusting food museum malmo things to do

Are you thirsty? Then you should perhaps try some delicious mouse wine from our Chinese friends! – Photo by Anja Barte Telin.

5. Stortorget

Stortorget is the largest square in Malmö and dates back to 1530. It’s one of the busiest things to see in Malmö, regardless of the season. A lot of terraces serve delicious meals ranging from Swedish specialties to sushi. In the square you will find the town hall, the Kramer Hotel and the Kockska house, the house of Jörgen Kock. Who was mayor in the sixteenth century. At the corner of the square you will see the Apoteket Lejonet, one of the most important neo-Renaissance buildings in the city. The statue in the middle of Stortorget is depicting King Karl Gustav X on his horse.

what to see in Malmo - Stortorget

The town hall of Malmö, on the Stortorget square.

6. Malmöhuss slott

Anyone planning a trip to Malmö needs to make sure that he can spend enough time in the Malmöhuss castle. This historic fortress was built in the sixteenth century, making it the oldest still existing Scandinavian fortress out of the Swedish Renaissance.

Historically, it was one of Denmark’s most important defense fortifications, when Malmö was still part of it. Nowadays it has become one of the most unique cultural attractions in Malmö due to the fact that it houses several museums within its historic walls.

Visiting the Malmö Art Museum and the Malmö Museum is one of the activities you shouldn’t miss in Malmö. Here you will learn more about the artworks of the city and sea voyages that played an important role in the development of the city.

You can also see all these highlights of Malmö during a three hour guided walking tour.

Malmohuss slott malmo attractions

It might look like a strange castle, but this definitely is the Malmohüss slott!

7. Malmö Konsthall

With a mix of temporary exhibitions and contemporary art, the Malmö Konshall is one of the largest art galleries in Europe. This alone makes it one of the most important things to do in Malmö, not in the least for art lovers.
The museum was built as an open space consisting of wood, glass and concrete and has a high altitude ceiling. This plays with natural and artificial light, which increases the possibilities of the art gallery. Whoever is interested, but fears for a high entrance fee; don’t worry. The Malmö Konsthall is one of the free activities in Malmö. Only those who want to be guided by an expert guide have to pay something.

Malmö konsthall - what to see in Malmö

The Malmö konsthall has a huge art collection and is the ideal excursion for museum lovers! – Photo by John Leffmann

8. St Petri Kyrka

St. Petri Kyrka or St. Peter’s Church in Malmö is the oldest building in the city, dating back from the fourteenth century. The church built with red stone was developed in Gothic style and is 105 meters or 345 feet  high. Although the medieval frescoes were destroyed during the religious wars of the sixteenth century, the church still has enough to offer to be on your list of things to see in Malmö. The impressive wooden altar piece and restored murals in the chapel are still very impressive.

St Petri Kyrka things to see in Malmö

The St. Petri Kyrka from Malmö is beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside.

9. Folkets Park

The Folkets Park in Malmö is the oldest public city park in the world and one of Sweden’s most visited places. For 120 years, tourists and local residents come here to enjoy nature and enjoy relaxing on a sunny day. The park is best compared with the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen. The green area with ponds, lawns and even a playground are a pleasant setting for those who like to walk with their dogs or go jogging. With a lot of bars and ice stalls, the park is especially popular in Malmö during the summer. In winter the large pond is transformed into an ice skating rink.

Things to do in Malmo : folkets park

The Folkets Park is one of the most special things to do in Malmö. Rest a bit, or go on one of the attractions. – Photo by Jorchr

10. Kungsparken

Another famous city park is Kungsparken, the city park was built in 1872, next to Malmöhuss castle. It has an English garden and tree species from three different continents. Not only the fact that it’s the oldest city park of the Swedish city makes it one of the things to do of Malmö, but especially the sculpture garden is a big eye-catcher.

Kungsparken - Malmo things to do

The Kungsparken is an excellent idea if you wish to escape from the busy city center for a while.

11. Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg can be translated as ‘small square’, and although the square is quite invisible on the map, it attracts a lot of tourists. Decorated with cobblestones and surrounded by restaurants and cafes that set out their outdoor terraces in summer, you’ll love the Malmö that you get to see here. During the summer months a lot of food stalls are concentrated on the square and make it one of Malmö’s best things to see. Saluhallen is another indoor market where you can taste food from around the world.

Lilla Torg - Things to do in Malmo

One of my favorite squares in Malmö! The cosy boutiques, restaurants and quaint shops are definitely worth a visit!

12. Gamla Väster

Further down from the square of Lilla Torg you’ll find one of Malmö’s most colorful sights, Gamla Väster. The very low-rise houses and bricks in all the colors of the rainbow make sure you can’t forget a visit to Gamla Väster. It’s one of the most pleasant places to be. The houses are inhabited by local residents, but there are also cafes and shops located here.

gamla vaster malmo

There are loads of cute little houses in Sweden, but this street in Malmö is not to be missed! – Photo by Jakob Nilsgatan

13. Kallbadhuset

The next attraction in Malmö isn’t one of the things you want to take a picture of, but more one to experience. The Kallbadhuset on Ribbersborg beach is a sauna experience not to be forgotten. Kallbadhuset is a small wooden building at the end of the pier where you can relax in a steamy sauna. Cool off by jumping in the ocean. A feeling that you will never forget! Although the ‘cooling section’ is in separate locations, the sauna itself is mixed for men and women. And as Swedish tradition states: no swimwear allowed!

kallbadhuset sauna - things to do in Malmo

Jumping into the see after steaming in the Kallbadhuset is a feeling you’ll love!

14. Copenhagen

If you want to combine two city breaks in one holiday, you can easily make an excursion from Malmö to Copenhagen. The Danish capital is almost literally a stone’s throw away from the Swedish city. From Malmö you take the Sont bridge which is connecting the city with Copenhagen.

The Danish capital is one of the best cycling cities in Europe and so easy to explore by bike. Of course, sights such as the little mermaid, Tivoli Park and the Nyhavn shouldn’t be missed on your cycling route.

This three hour bike tour is cheap ($46 pp) and your guide will show you the most important highlights as well as some secret spots.

citytrip copenhagen from malmo - things to see in malmo

A citytrip to Malmö can be combined with one to Copenahgen. Both can be done on a weekend!

15. Skane

The city of Malmö is a good base for exploring the Skane region in southern Sweden. For example, the small town of Lund is a popular day trip with its biggest attraction being the historic and impressive Roman cathedrals.
Ystad is another excursion from Malmö that you can plan. This city is known for its winding streets and quaint houses. The sandy beaches here are another pleasant change of the sights of Malmö.
From the Swedish city you can also book a tour that brings you to Höllviken, a small village on a peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the Sont Bridge. This place is not only known for the beaches, but also for the remains of Viking settlements. You can learn more about the Vikings and even be part of traditional Viking festivities. In addition, Skane is still a popular area because of all the castles and forts in the area. If you go there, definitely visit Svaneholm Castle, Torup Castle, Glimmengehus and Bosjökloste.

skania visit from malmo

A perfect day trip from Malmö? Visit Skåne or Skania! – Photo by Guillaume Baviere Helsingborg

Excursions in Malmö

Malmö isn’t very big, but there is a lot to discover! And obviously I haven’t even listed everything you should visit… Below are some more things you can do in Malmö:


» All tours and excursions in Malmö

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