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Vilnius is very small and so I actually had more than enough time with only half day to get through the entire city. Because I had booked a few days in Lithuania I of course wouldn’t waist my time and decided to book some side trips.

Tours from Vilnius to Trakai

Would you like to book a tour from Vilnius to Trakai? Then it’s not a bad idea to book your excursion a bit in advance. I always use GetYourGuide to book tours, since they have most options and also offer free cancelation up until 24 hours before your tour starts. Check out these possibilities:

The bus station from Vilnius. From here you need to hop on a bus to get to Trakai.

The bus station from Vilnius. From here you need to hop on a bus to get to Trakai.

From Vilnius to Trakai

The Trakai castle isn’t located very far from Vilnius. Because the castle wasn’t used for so long, it was almost decided to break it down completely, but in the late 80s some archaeologists decided to completely restore the castle to its former glory. And I have to say… They did well!

You can visit Trakai Castle from Vilnius in two ways: you take an organized tour, or you plan everything yourself with public transportation.

Visiting Trakai castle with an organized tour

The advantage of visiting Trakai Castle with an organized tour, is that you don’t have to plan anything yourself anymore and that you get a guide with you who will definitely make your visit to Trakai a lot more interesting.
Don’t forget that you can’t reach the castle directly with public transportation, since it’s still a thirty minute walk from the bus station to the castle. With a guided tour, you are picked up at your accommodation, dropped off at Trakai Castle and afterwards again dropped off at your accommodation in Vilnius.

Tours start at $25 per person. You can check out GetYourGuide for more options. You can always cancel up to 24 hours for free in case you change your mind.


Visiting Trakai with public transport

From Vilnius, there are many daily buses that leave for Trakai from the central bus station (address: St. Sodu 22). If you’re unsure about the departure times or from which platform they are leaving, head inside and ask. Normally the busses leave quite regularly from platform 6, 7, 8, 28 or 29. Normally, there are buses leaving every thirty minutes or so. A single ticket costs €1.80 ($2).
After a little more than thirty minutes you are dropped off at the terminus of Trakai. From here you have to walk a bit. Depending on your pace it should take you between twenty to thirty minutes.
When you are dropped off at the bus station, turn right and you should really just walk straight ahead. There are actually no signs until the last hundred meters near the castle. If in doubt, it is best to ask the way.

Google maps or other map application are always useful to find your way as well!

The bus station from Trakai. From here you'll need to walk another 2 km's towards the castle.

The bus station from Trakai. From here you’ll need to walk another 2 km’s towards the castle.

The Trakai castle! Gorgeous, isn't it?

The Trakai castle! Gorgeous, isn’t it?

The Trakai castle

Snow always makes everything so much cozier and more beautiful, I think! After my long walk I turned right and I was welcomed by some women and their wooden booths who tried to sell me some souvenirs.
The castle is already clearly visible from this point, but first I had two climb over two more bridges which seemed to be frozen into the lake.

The view from here is exceptionally beautiful, so make sure to bring your camera with you!

To get inside the castle, you need to pay €6 ($7). The entrance fee is already included in the tours that depart from Vilnius.
Actually, you also have to pay extra to take photos or videos, but the people behind the ticket booth don’t really seem to bother if you pay or not.

Inside the castle walls there is a small museum. Depending on the exhibition, it tells you more about the history and the reconstruction of the castle, but also about some beautiful archaeological finds.

I thought it was especially nice to walk around in the castle, because you really feel like you’ve landed in the middle ages. Walking for one or two hours through the corridors and courtyards is more than enough and by the early evening I went back to the bus station where I again paid €1.80 ($2) to be shuttled back to Vilnius.

Once you're within the walls of the castle, you might become a knight or damsel... Who knows!

Once you’re within the walls of the castle, you might become a knight or damsel… Who knows!

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