Ultimate Guide for a Trip to Cancun With Kids

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A common misunderstanding about Cancun is it’s not suitable for kids, since it’s well-known for its nightlife but the truth is, this dreamy beach place is incredibly fitted for kids. It’s packed with all the amenities, attractions, and beaches that can bring a nice time to family members of all ages. Today Cancun with kids is one of the best holidays you can have and here’s why.

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A vacation to Cancun with kids after a busy year is a great way to expose your kids to new vibrant cultures and new experience, you’ll be able to have fun adventures with the whole family and relax.
Cancun is well known for its pristine beaches, fascinating activities, tours, and stunning resorts or all-inclusive hotels in Cancun by Iberostar, which have everything you can imagine to make a vacation even better.

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Cancun with Kids

There many points in favor for Cancun as a family holiday destinations, here are some:

  • Cancun is packed with activities and different tours.
  • You’ll be exposing your kids to a new vibrant culture, which can be super educational.
  • Parents will have the chance to spend quality time with their kids, trying activities and tours together.
  • It’s a great opportunity to put your kids in touch with history, and nature by exploring the surroundings.

Not only that, here’s a sneak peak of Cancun has to offer for a vacation with kids.

Activities and Tours

Cancun offers a ton of fun and fascinating things to do for kids of all ages, as well as fun places to visit.

A good example are the parks like Xel-Há Park and Xcaret Park, many people thinks both are the same, they are similar but each of them is a unique different experience. For example, one of the main attractions in Xel-Ha is the Lighthouse, a big structure that offers views of the stunning area, and let you descend on an incredible waterslide. Also, you’ll be able to do snorkeling, relax on a river, check out caves and even climb, as well as canopy activities.

While on Xcaret Park is more like a theme and water park, it location is amazing, right in the jungle, close to rivers, cenotes and stunning scenarios. It offers a ton of activities, shows and different thing todo.

The tours available Cancun range in variety and diversity, from ATV tours to Canopy tours and visits to Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza or cenotes like Cenote Azul and Zazil Ha. Other popular excursions are whale shark watching and dolphin swim.

Not only that, you can hike the many trails it has to offer or take horseback ride. You have a ton of water activities too, like snorkeling, riding a jet ski or parasailing. But if you want to relax you can take a yatch or catamaran tour.

Beach and Sun

Is not a secret that Cancun offer some of the best beaches around the world, they’re well known, and well are spotless. You can find many beaches that are suitable for kids, without huge wave or strong tides but you must always have precautions.

A good example is Playa Langosta, it’s really close to the Hotel Zone and it has very calm and low waters, almost like a pool. You can walk deep into the beach without swimming, perfect for young kids that can swim pretty well.

Another great beach for kids is Caracol Beach, it’s suitated 10km from the Hotel Zone and it’s a calm and pristine beach but it’s not as low as Langosta Beach, making it suitable for kids that can swim. Also, it’s a great place to do snorkeling, the water is crystal and transparent.

The closest kid-friendly beach in Cancun to the Hotel Zone is Pearl Beach, at almost 2 kilometer away from it. The beach is small and have turquoise, crystal clear water with almost white sand. The water is calmer and the waves are smaller.

Most of the beaches in Cancun have all the amenities you need, like public toilets, vendors and activities.

Mayan Ruins and Museums

The presence of the Mayans is strong in Cancun, there are a ton of interesting places to explore and learn more about its culture.

There’s no better way to learn more about it than visiting some of the ruins, fortunately, close to Cancun are four interesting places to explore El Meco, Yamil Lu’um, San Miguelito, and El Rey, each of the ruins has something different to check out.

Now, a bit further away, outside of Cancun you’ll find some other Mayan Ruins, which are incredible too. Those are Chichen Itza Ruins, which is one of the most popular pyramids, Coban Ruins, and Tulum Ruins.

Also, in the city, you can visit a couple of museums, where you can learn a ton more about the Mayan culture. 

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5/5 - (3 votes)
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