A visit to the Anne Frank House

The most popular landmark in Amsterdam is undoubtedly the Anne Frank house or the Anne Frank museum.
The tourists usually wait a few hundred yards outside the museum to enter the ingenious home of the Frank family. During my visit I ordered the tickets in advance. No queues and exactly the same experience!

The area surrounding the Anne Frank house is kind of a place for minorities. Near the museum stands a statue in honor of the brave girl, and a little further you’ll find the gay monument.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

With the ticket I bought online, I went to the modern looking Anne Frank Museum at 11 A.M. After only five minutes I could enter the building. I sat down in the entrance hall, waiting for the guide to arrive.
After ten minutes, I finally realized that everyone just kept on walking. The museum was to be explored completely on your own. Oops!

Immediately when you enter the first room you’ll get goosebumps. Three big, beautiful pictures of the little girl hang their. I imagined her as a happy child.
This is where this once happy kid lived. This is where she had to hide from a fascist dictator who was completely ‘loco’ in his brain. It seemed to me such an intelligent, cute and sweet girl. But she never got very old. Because after Amsterdam she was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau where she had to suffer for quite a long time until she was sent to ‘Bergen-Belsen’ where she eventually died of typhus just before the war ended.

The first room in the Anne Frank House immediately gives you chills...

The first room in the Anne Frank House immediately gives you chills…

Guided tour of the Anne Frank House

The whole self-guided tour leads you around the Frank’s house. The front of the house was the thriving store of Anne’s father. In order to escape the Jewish prosecution, the man tried to escape to the US with his family. But unfortunately that didn’t work anymore…

He asked his faithful workers for help. He asked if they could help them conceal the whole family, and so it happened. Some rooms were completely transformed into an invisible shelter for the family. The only entry to here was via a bookshelf.

The rooms were actually very cozy. But of course, the girls and the parents could never really do anything and thus they must’ve gotten bored soon. The pictures, drawings and texts from her diary are very engaging. It’s therefore a must see if you’re in Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, Anne’s father was the only one who survived once the war ended. He therefore decided to release her beautiful diary. So we never forget what an atrocities were done by the Nazis!

Fortunately, I could leave this spooky house, and I did as soon as I finished the tour.

What is there to see?

There is a lot to see and read in the Anne Frank Museum.
The furniture creates a lifelike picture of the circumstances in which Anne Frank had to live. On the walls, or on the objects, you occasionally find an explanatory poster with some more info.

It’s mainly the pictures, passages from her diary and historical facts that gave me goosebumps several times. The moment you walk through the famous bookshelf door, you can only start to immagine Anne’s life. In this narrow part of house, the full Jewish family had to spend a large part of their lives.

The 'backhouse' or the 'achterhouse' of Anne Frank. This was the door that lead to the backside of the house.

The ‘backhouse’ or the ”achterhuis’ of Anne Frank. This was the door that led to the back of the house.

General information

Tickets are best ordered online and in advance. You pay only fifty cents extra for skipping all of the waiting lines. You’ll get a certain time assigned, and you may enter the museum five minutes before that time.
Often people spend hours waiting before they can enter the museum. With an online ticket you only have to wait five minutes!

A ticket costs €9 for an adult, €4.50 for kids from 10 to 17 years old and free for children under 10.

Opening Hours:
April to October
Open every day from 9 AM to 10 PM.

November to March
Open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM (and on Saturdays until 9 PM).

Check out the exceptions on the official website.

waiting line Anne Frank House

The waiting lines at the Anne Frnk house can become quite long! So… Book your tickets in advance!


Do you want to get to know Anne Frank even better? Then go explore the neighbourhood around the Anne Frank House as well!
Here are some great guided tours:


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  1. Holly says:

    Great post but I think you may want to change syphilis to typhus as Anne didn’t die due to an STD! I was there many years ago and it was beautiful.

    • You are absolutely right Holly!
      Thanks for correcting me there… And it was indeed very beautiful. Makes you think what people are capable of…

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