A visit to the Ferrari Museum in Modena and Maranello

Do you like fast sports cars, streamlined race bikes and humming motors? Then I recommend to quickly book a city trip to Bologna. In this charming Italian city you can find many activities suitable for car enthusiasts and speedy divers. Think about a visit to Ducati, Lamborghini and of course the famous Ferrari.

Book tours and tickets for your Ferrari experience

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enzo ferrari museum modena

The entrance of the Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena. This hypermodern building fits perfectly with the modern cars that Ferrari produces!

From Bologna, I commuted to the two Ferrari museums in Modena and Maranello. The paradise for enthusiasts of these expensive cars!

Ferrari Museum Modena

If you travel by train to Modena you might’ve noticed the flashy, modern building that you cross. This streamlined building houses the Modena Ferrari Museum.
After you’ve entered this futuristic building, you will see a preview of some cars.

Once you have purchased your tickets (€16), you’re welcomed by a staff member in the typical red Ferrari outift that is also worn on the racecourses.
In the hypermodern room there are dozens of expensive Ferrari’s. A lot of beautiful models from the past, but also quite a few luxury cars that are very recent. Once you inspected the cars sufficiently (and believe me, you could look at them for hours!) You can spend some time reading the information you find at the side of the building.

The wall of the museum is decorated with a glass display. It outlines a short history of the car, and of course the history of Enzo Ferrari and how it all began. The exhibition is very interesting, and next to nice stories you’ll also find some interesting photographs.

ferrari museum modena entrance

The ticket office of the museum in Modena. Here you can buy tickets, guided tours and audio guides. Next to the office you find a souvenir store and a restaurant.

ferrari museum modena visit

A day excursion to this museum is a must-do for every car lover out there!

Every twenty minutes the white walls of this immense pavilion change into a huge cinematic experience. There are two movies played, and both seem to worship Enzo Ferrari and the cars he made so famous. You’ll see a lot of fragments from the company’s history, and -of course- a lot of clips and photos of Enzo where he is portrayed with the high society.

modena ferrari museum exhibition

The cars that are exhibited will give you sweet dreams! Who knows… Sometime you might own once yourself!

ferrari museum modena

Impressive cars and a movie theater. This museum sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?!

Once you’re ready to leave these gorgeous cars, you can also go to the museum about the engines that Ferrari uses in its cars.
Here you’ll find the various engines used by the company throughout history for both ‘regular’ cars and its racing cars. Impressive to say at the least!

Modena’s museum is mainly a car. If you want to know more about how the cars are built, what they look like, Ferrari as race cars, and some more history than I recommend to drop down to the museum in Maranello.

enzo ferrari museum modena engines

Curious to see what engines these cars use? Don’t forget to visit the second museum as well!

enzo ferrari museum

And of course these cars can only be displayed in a modern and spotless interior!

Ferrari Museum Maranello

A little bit further lies the Maranello museum of Ferrari. After you’ve bought your ticket (€16), take the stairs and you’ll get into the first room of this exhibition. Here you can see some classic Ferrari’s and pictures. The further you stroll through the museum, the more you’ll find out about the bodywork, the ‘contents of the car’, and all the parts that make the car to what it is today.

Did you know that the first frame of the Ferrari was made of wood?

wood frame ferrari museum maranello

A Ferrari made out of wood? Well… Or at least part of it.

The nicest room in my opinion was the hall where you could find out everything about Ferrari’s F1 history. A large room with some beautiful race cars that became champions on the race track. In a giant glass showcase you will see dozens, or even hundreds of trophy’s that were won during F1 races. Of course, Ferrari would be nothing without some well-known formula 1 racers and so they are also given a spot in this gorgeous museum.

ferrari museum maranello trophy's

Ferrari is of course world famous for its fast cars. In this room you can see all trophy’s that they ever won. And there are a lot…

Of course, this museum also needs to do some bragging. Two halls are filled with cars from the past, and some more contemporary cars. You can follow the evolution of the cars nicely, and you notice very clearly that this brand was always been far ahead of its time.

After the visit to the museum you can take a ride in one of the F1 simulators (for a fee!), or perhaps you want to go home with a photo of you in a shiny yellow Ferrari? If you try to get rid of some more money, you can spend all of it in the big store with all kinds of Ferrari memorabilia.

ferrari simulation maranello

Did you always want to drive with a F1 car? Try one of the formula one simulators! You find them in both museums.

ferrari museum maranello and modena

I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with the legendary icon, of course!

Factory Tour and Visit to the Circuit (Ferrari Factory & Track Tour)

With the two museums above you’ll be busy for a couple of hours at least. But if you still can’t get enough of Enzo Ferrari and his lightning cars, you can also take a tour of the Ferrari factory and visit the racing circuit. For this you will pay another €15.

A guided bus leads you through the factory and then to the test circuit of Maranello. You can start this tour at 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm. Since the places for this tour are limited, I recommend to book in advance. Do keep in mind: you’re not going inside the factory and you can’t make photos and videos on this location.

ferrari factory tour maranello

During the Ferrary Factory Tour you can’t take any photographs, but the things you get to see are quite impressive nonetheless!

Address and opening hours

The museum is open every day of the year except for 25 December and 1 January.
From April to October, both museums are open from 09:30 am until 7:00 in the evening. From November to March, the museum is open until 6:00 pm.

Prices for the Ferrari Museum

Both exhibitions require a separate ticket. And you can buy a lot of extra’s at the museum as well. A short overview:

Tickets for the Ferrari museum

For the Ferrari museum in Modena you pay €16, €14 when you get a discount, and €5 for kids under 19 when accompanied by a relative.
The same price applies to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

Tickets for the Ferrari museum in Modena can be bought online here.
Tickets for the Ferrari museum in Maranello can be bought online here.

Ferrari museum Maranello entrance

The entrance to the Ferrari Museum of Maranello.

Shuttle bus

Are you planning a visit with the train? Then make use of the shuttle bus which will transport you between the museums. This costs you €6 for a single ride or €12 for a return ticket. You can buy tickets on the bus.

Guided tour

Do you have any questions, or do you just want to know more about Ferrari? Then book a 60 minute private tour. Groups can be up to 30 people and it costs €150 + the price of a ticket.

ferrari museum guided tour

A tour through the Ferrari museum is best done with a guide. Way more interesting than the Ipad tours!

Ipad tour

In the museum you also have the possibility to rent an Ipad. This interactive audio guide can be rented from the ticket booth for €5.

Ferrari Museum F1 Simulator

Do you think you have it in you to become a F1 driver? You can try out an F1 simulator in both Modena and Maranello! Take place in the streamlined racecars and start speeding up! To spend 7 minutes on a virtual race course you pay €25 per person.

ferrari F1 simulator maranello museum ferrari

Want to race on a virtual F1 parcours? It’s possible, but it is quite expensive…

Photo in a Ferrari

In the Ferrari museum of Maranello you can also get your photo taken in a beautiful Ferrari after the visit to the museum. Of course, this is not free… For the digital and printed photo you pay €20 (format: 20×30 cm or 7,85×12 inches) or €15 (format: 15×23 cm or 6×9 inches).

Combination tour: Ferraro + Ducati + Lamborghini

Do you also want to visit the Ducati and Lamborghini museum next to the Ferrari Museum? Then book a day trip from Bologna. Transport, tickets and tours are included. Prices and availability can be checked here.

photo ferrari museum bologna

A picture of you in a real Ferrari. Who doesn’t want that? You do need to pay for it though…

How do you get there?

Modena is a beautiful city, but in Maranello there is little to experience. In most cases, a trip to the Ferrari museum is combined with a city trip to Bologna.

By car

From Bologna it takes about thirty minutes to drive to Modena. To visit the museum in Maranello, you need to drive another 30 minutes.
Both museums have ample parking spaces.

With public transport

From Bologna, you can easily take the train to Modena. The prices of the train tickets depend on when you take the train. The cost is between €3.50 and €10 per ride.
From the station, the Ferrari Museum in Modena takes about 10-20 minutes walking, the museum in Maranello is located half an hour away by bus.

Fortunately, the Ferrari Museum has a shuttle bus between the station of Modena and the two museums. For €6 (one way) or €12 (go and return) you will be taken to both museums and back to the station.
Every 90 minutes there is a bus. Look here (PDF file) for the departure times.

shuttlebus ferrari museum

The shuttlebus that Ferrari offers between both museums and the station.

Trips from Bologna

You can’t wait to see a room full of Ferrari’s, Ducati’s or Lamborghini’s with your own eyes? From Bologna you can plan a lot of excursions to these luxurious car companies. Doing it by yourself is probably the cheapest way but also look at these combination offers:


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