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Budapest is a popular destination for a city trip. You'll find plenty of culture, tourist attractions and good food and drinks for an affordable price. Another reason to visit the capital of Hungary is the Széchenyi baths. This spa has all the facilities and diversity to spend a full day here. During my trip to Budapest I collected as much information as possible, and of course I visited the spa myself as well. Do you have any more tips? Then let us know in the comment section.

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szechenyi baths budapest

The entrance (from the back) from the Széchenyi bath house. Grand and gorgeous!

The Széchenyi baths

The Széchenyi baths were constructed at the end of the 19th century by drilling up natural water. Soon, the thermal baths in Budapest became a must-see. Unfortunately, the original source got exhausted soon and a new drilling was made at the beginning of the 20th century. This moment was also used to give the Széchenyi bath house a new look. The characteristic neo-baroque building has since been a major sight on the streets of Budapest. The thermal baths of Budapest were expanded a few more times afterwards, as well as adapted and stuffed with other relaxing facilities.

entrance szechenyi baths budapest

The entrance hall of the Szechenyi baths already tells you that you’re in for a treat. What a grandeur!

Facilities in the Széchenyi baths

One of the reasons why the Széchenyi bath is so popular is the location. This thermal bath of Budapest is located in the Városliget city park. You can switch between 21 swimming pools, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, you’ll find everything to relax completely. Think of saunas, massage rooms and even physiotherapy sessions. After you’ve completely relaxed, you can enjoy a snack or a drink in the Széchenyi bath as well. The ultimate experience.

The baths are open early in the morning until late in the evening, so you can always visit. Swim, chill a little, have a massage or participate in aquafitness; it’s all possible. If you book a city trip to Budapest, it’s actually an obligation to visit the Széchenyi baths. Especially in the evening the outdoor pools are beautifully lit, which makes for a unique experience. During your stay, you’ll never have to worry about your valuable possessions. Everything can be stored in a personal locker or safe.

szechenyi baths evening

Personally, I loved the Széchenyi baths most once the sun started to go under…

Special events

The most unique event that takes place every year in the Széchenyi bath is the Cinetrip Sparty. Budapest is hosting the Sziget Festival every year; a music event with some major national and international artists. In the run-up to the beginning of August, the Cinetrip Sparty takes place in the neo-baroque building of the Széchenyi spa. During this evening you can dance in the baths, the volume of the music is turned up high and the buildings and the baths are lit up with laser lights.

budapest bath houses szechenyi spa

The outside spa is the most popular, but did you know that the baths on the inside of the building look completely different?

Széchenyi baths price and opening hours

The outdoor pools are normally open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Sauna’s and the like are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
The thermal baths are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
All fitness rooms are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on Sundays.

Please note that opening hours may still change. Therefore, always check the bath’s website for current opening and closing times.

There are various types of tickets, which also means whether you are on weekdays, weekends or bank holidays. It’s not advisable to enter the water with children under the age of fourteen. The tickets are to be paid for with Hungarian forints. To give you an idea: a day ticket with the use of a locker costs about 19 dollars or 16 euros on a weekday.

szechenyi furdo inside changing rooms

The Széchenyi Furdo or Széchenyi thermal baths from the inside. Here you see the changing rooms.

A complete list of prices and facilities would be very long. That’s why I’ve made a selection with the most important and most popular tickets.

Day card with changing room: 20,50 dollars or 17,50 euro
Day ticket with safety deposit box: 19 dollars or 16 euro
Morning ticket or afternoon ticket with changing room: 19,50 dollars or 16,50 euro
Morning ticket or afternoon ticket with locker: 18 dollars or 15 euros

Weekends and public holidays
Day card with changing room: 21 dollars or 18 euro
Day ticket with locker: 19,50 dollars or 16,50 euro
Morning ticket or afternoon ticket with changing room: 20 dollars or 17 euro
Morning ticket or afternoon ticket with locker: 18 dollars or 15,50 euro

Then the Széchenyi spa also offers different types of massages. A thermal massage of twenty minutes costs you about 23 dollars or 19,50 euros and a head massage about 17 dollars or 14,50 euros. The VIP massages and treatments are there for you get completely relaxed. For example, a 20-minute aromatherapy massage costs 20 dollars or 17,75 euros and a thorough thermal massage of fifty minutes costs 57 dollars or 48,50 euros. Are you with two people? Then you can get a reduction on a lot of massages if you go together.

Buying tickets for the Széchenyi baths online

On busy times you have to wait a long time to enter the Széchenyi spa… The income hall is beautiful, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the beautiful baths? By purchasing your ticket online, you will at least avoid a lot of waiting…


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