Warsaw to Vilnius

After I walked around Warsaw for one last time, I ordered an Uber which brought me to the airport. For 18 zloti you definitely shouldn’t complain when you get picked up at your door with a heavy backpack
While Vilnius was not very far from Warsaw, I would still spend a few hours on the plane. Because a stopover in Kiev made the flight a lot cheaper, I decided I didn’t mind losing just two more hours.

Great service from Ukraine International Airlines!

When I finally strolled through the strict control of the Polish airport, I plopped down next to the gate where I had to be –after showing my passport once more because Kiev is outside the Schengen zone.

Because I still had a few hours with absolutely nothing to do, I decided to just continue writing my many blog posts and guides that still needed to be written. Deeply focused on my keyboard I suddenly hear a Polish message containing something that sounded a lot like my name. The second message, the English language version, brought clarification. They asked me to come to the information desk.

“Shit!” I thought. “Did I again lose my passport at an airport?”, But that couldn’t have been the case, because I still had it in my pocket.

A little nervous, I asked the girl behind the counter what was wrong. She told me that the flight to Kiev was significantly delayed, so I wouldn’t be able to get on my flight from Kiev to Vilnius .

As a solution, she asked if I wanted to change my flight from Ukraine International Airlines to LOT (Polish Airlines).

Slightly surprised with the excellent solution of course I agreed with this offer.

I then went to the information desk of LOT, but they told me I had to walk back to the counter of UIA, because they couldn’t change my flight here. I got back to the friendly girl who was a little surprised to see me back. Once she understood what happened, she started making some jokes about her colleagues because her male teammate had just picked up the wrong person and left me behind.

When her colleague, a little reluctantly, arrived she began to laugh at him playfully and even though I didn’t understand much of what they said to each other, I began to laugh as well.

Well that was a great service! Because at five o’clock I left -with a direct flight!- towards Vilnius. The flight change even made me arrive in Vilnius one hour earlier than expected. Thumbs up for Ukraine International Airlines!

Holes in the wall, unfriendly people, freezing cold rooms... My first night in Vilnius was definitely not fun! The airport looked nice though...

Holes in the wall, unfriendly people, freezing cold rooms… My first night in Vilnius was definitely not fun! The airport looked nice though…

HORRIBLE hostel!

There was a one-hour time difference and suddenly it was eight o’clock in the evening.

From the small airport I was looking for an exchange office to exchange my remaining Polish zloti for the local currency. Great was my surprise when I saw that Lithuania used euros as well! (In Belgium we use them too)

Outside it was very dark and thick snow crunched under my feet. I only paid one euro for bus number two and in about half an hour the bus took me to the central bus station.

My hostel was only a hundred meters further: the “Five euro hostel Vilnius”. Maybe I should’ve already known that the local currency were euros when this was the name of the hostel… Woopsie! And perhaps the name should’ve already given hints about not to expect a lot from this hostel as well.

Originally I had booked my stay in another hostel, but a few days later I got a message in my inbox that this hostel was closed, so I had to quickly search for an alternative. Et voilà! Quick decision often lead to bad decisions… I can assure you!

The neighborhood where the hostel was located, was anything but appealing. I think it was even a little dangerous. Mean looking people squinted their eyes while looking at me with a bottle of vodka in their hands while I reluctantly went to the block where my hostel was supposed to be.

When I climbed the three or four floors staircases, I was welcomed by one of the strangest hostels I’ve ever stayed in. The man in the reception was not particularly unfriendly, but the check-in was a little bit of a hasty process, it seemed.

The view from the hostel wasn't horrible though... I guess...

The view from the hostel wasn’t horrible though… I guess…

Will I be killed in the Five Euro hostel Vilnius?

The whole floor was freezing cold and the hostel seemed to attract strange, angry men (no women to be seen anywhere!) Who seemed to have time-travelled from the Stalinist era. Their blunt and unfriendly behavior was not a great first impression of Lithuania! When I was taken to my room –in the door I saw marks of a couple of fists!Quite reassuring!– I arrived in an equally desolate landscape.

Eight single beds with stains on the linens, walls with the wallpaper peeling off and one layered windows. The room was icy cold and in addition there was an unpleasant smell.

“Is there a locker?” I asked, slightly bewildered about this hostel.

“No. But you can put your stuff in the reception if you want. Okay? If you need anything, I’ll be in the reception.” And the man went back to his hideout.

I threw my stuff on the bed, but took my small backpack with laptop with me, just to make sure, and planted myself down in the uninviting common room.

After everyone had stared at me for several minutes they continued with their undoubtedly interesting activities. The guys seemed to have a contest, listening to the loudest possible videos on their phones or laptops. The enormous flood of sounds was so loud that my head started to hurt.

Funny fact: the English-language film that was playing on the TV was dubbed by one Lithuanian speaking ‘actor’. He read everything so monotonous that in comparison a sleeping pill wouldn’t even be half as effective. In addition, he played any role; man or woman. WEIRD!!!

I had already paid for my five night stay, but I already made up my mind: I wouldn’t stay here. Tomorrow I’m leaving for a better hostel!

With my phone I was looking up some of the reviews on Booking.com for this hostel. With a score of 7.7 I would think this is still perceived as a nice hostel. Deceiving to say at the least! However, many comments weren’t nice at all, so I wonder how this hostel still got his good marking. In the future, I will not only check the score, but I will also start reading the negative comments before I book something!

I chuckled and giggled as I was reading the comments. Either I was becoming mad, or I was laughing at my own stupidity.

The bed was pretty comfortable, fortunately, but in a freezing room I had still hoped for a little more than only one thin sheet… Fortunately, I was heated up by the constant supply of farts, flatulent winds and toxic gasses streaming out of my Chinese fellow traveler, and I was lulled to sleep by the other man who seemed to be busy cutting down the whole amazon forest with his snoring.

You guessed it. I didn’t sleep very well and I was therefore very glad when I finally took my bags the morning and walked through the snowy city to move to a better hostel.

Thumbs down for the Five Euro Hostel Vilnius!

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