Sydney is, contrary to popular belief, not the capital city of Australia. But it definitely is one of the more famous cities of Down Under. Famous because of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Finding Nemo and a whole lot of surfing legends. Sydney could've been the capital city, but Australia decided it differently. The oldest city of Aussie has beautiful and historical buildings and give the city a European vibe and view. The only thing that gives away that you are at the complete opposite side of the world are the immer happy Australians with their catchy accents. The area around the port is most popular amongst tourists. But other places, like the beaches and beautiful national parks are definitely worth a day trip too.

Sydney Royal National Park.

Sydney Royal National Park.

  Average costs

Stay – Big cities in Australia aren’t cheap. For a hostel you’ll pay about 25 AUD (18,5 USD / 17 EUR) If you want to be in the center of Sydney, you’ll pay a bit more. Around 30 AUD. (22,5 USD / 20 EUR)
For a budget hotel (two person room) you will be charged about 70 AUD. (52 USD / 47 EUR)
You want to celebrate your trip in style? Luxurious hotels from three stars or more begin at 140 Australian Dollars a night. (104 USD / 95 EUR)
For a full list of accommodation in Sydney you can click here.

Eat – Similar to the rest of Australia. Budget meals start at around 10 A$. (7,5 USD / 6,7 EUR) If you would like to eat something else than fastfood, you’ll pay just a tiny bit more. About 15 A$. (12 USD / 10 EUR)
Per day and per person you need to think of 30 to 40 AUD to spend on food.

Transport – Most distances within Sydney city are very easy to walk. If you’d like to explore a little further, then you can take the public transportation. For a single bus or metro ticket you pay 4 AUD. (3 USD / 2,5 EUR)

Lots of places throughout Sydney are accessible by ferry boat. For a single ticket, expect to pay around 6 to 8 AUD. For a retour transfer you’ll pay double.

Bondi beach

Bondi Beach.

  Saving money

Plan ahead – Lots of attractions and sights are within close proximity of each other. If you plan ahead, you won’t need to make unnecessary costs with the expensive public transportation. Walking is quite fast and easy too.

Predrinks – Are you planning to go out in Sydney? Buy beers or other alcohol beforehand. Australian beer brand like Victoria Bitter and Tooheys are the cheapest brands. The absolute cheapest alcohol you can get is goon.

Mooi uitzicht over Sydney.

Beautiful sight over Sydney.


Sydney Harbour – Grab your camera and click away! Around Sydney Harbour there are lots of gorgeous sights! Around the harbour you can find the world famous opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Behind the Opera House you can pay a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you’re lucky, you get accompanied by noisy cockatoos.

Show in the Opera House – Reserve your tickets for a show in the Opera House. In the most famous building of Australia, there is much more to see than just opera shows. Ballet, stand-up comedy, theatre and other kinds of performances are shown. Go stand on the balcony of the Opera building during break. It has magnificent views over the city.

Royal National Park – Take an easy and comfortable train to the Royal National Park and walk about. You can do longer and shorter walks. The terrain starts very even, but becomes rocky and uneven when you climb to higher ground. It’s nice to see how changeable the Australian nature can be.

Blue Mountains – A giant park that which is characterized by a couple of high mountains (named ‘The Three Sisters’).  This park is part of UNESCO and houses lots of different kinds of eucalyptus trees. Sure way to find koala’s and breathe in clean air!

Beaches – All around Sydney there are beaches. The beaches are always fun to visit, since you can relax there or just go and watch people. Definitely visit Manly, Coogee and Bondi Beach. There are lots more beaches in Sydney, so definitely go to some others too. Please note the guards and warning signs all around the beach. Jellyfish and sharks are regular visitors around the waters of Australia.
Definitely try and walk from Bondi to Coogee. You’ll see some amazing sights!

Queen Victoria Building – One of the nicer buildings in Sydney itself. The exterior is quite impressive, but the interior is even more impressive! Explore the historical building with its grandeur and spend your Australian dollars at the hundreds of shops. The inside of the building was transformed to a shopping center.

Sydney Luna Park.

Sydney Luna Park.


Swimming when it’s forbidden – When there are danger signs, they’re not to be ignored. Don’t try and be a badass and don’t make the job of the guards harder. Shark attacks are very seldom. The dangerous jellyfish that swim around the Australian beaches make most victims.

Too long – Sydney is a very European city. With that, I mean that everything is within very close proximity to each other. That way, you can easily see the whole city in a couple of days. I would say four to five days is plenty. Give yourself some time to relax and chill at the beaches too.

Party too late – Partying in Sydney is fun! But in most places in the world (except for the US!) parties keep on going until the sun starts to come up again. In Sydney, this is not the case. Lots of clubs start to close around 2 or 3 AM. So don’t go out too late and enjoy an early party.

Queen Victoria Mall.

Queen Victoria Mall.

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