11 Places to visit in Prague and its surroundings

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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is located in the northwest of the country. It played a significant role in the Second World War and luckily the city wasn't very much affected during this horrible event. As a result, a lot of old sights in Prague are still preserved. In addition to the older cultural places to visit in Prague there are also plenty of new things to do. In this article I tell you what I think are the nicest places you can visit during a city trip to Prague. As there are also some very nice points of interest outside the Czech capital, I will briefly talk about those too. If you still have tips on what to see in Prague, please mention them in a message at the bottom of this article!

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1. Saint Vitus Cathedral

In history books, Prague is already referred to as the city of the hundred towers. Those of the Saint Vitus cathedral jump out above all of them! Due to the fact that it took hundreds of years to complete the construction of this beautiful building, various building styles can be identified. There is enough information in and around the cathedral. Even more fun is to visit one of Prague’s most beautiful points of interest with a guide. They will tell you all about the history of this beautiful cathedral. I especially thought the inside was very impressive with its colorful stained glass windows.

saint vitus cathedral places to visit in prague

The most prominent building in the castle of Prague is this giant cathedral.

2. Prague Castle

One of the places you must visit in Prague is of course the huge domain of the Prague castle. Both the north and south of the city have a fortress worth walking to. The Prague Castle on the south side is the most famous and impressive. Next to the St. Vitus Cathedral you’ll find other must-see’s of Prague here as well. These include palaces, churches and the National Gallery. Take your time and make sure you take your camera with you, because you’ll need some pictures to take in all of this beauty!

things to do in Prague Castle

To get to the Prague castle you must climb quite some steps! Luckily, you’re rewarded with a gorgeous view over the city.

3. Petřín-lookout tower

Just a fifteen-minute walk from the St. Vitus Cathedral you’ll find the Petřín lookout tower. This building is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Prague if you wish to get a great overview over the city. A sharp eye sees this Eiffel Tower imitation already from far away. You climb to a height of 60 meters (196 feet) where you’ll get the beautiful panoramic view of the city. In clear weather you can look far and especially the towers will get noticed. Again, making clear that its nickname -the city of hundred towers- is definitely earned. I was there in winter, and the snowy tree tops made for a scenic landscape.

What to see in Prague? Petrin lookout tower

Can you see the similarities with the famous monument of Paris as well?

4. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s most famous places to visit and there’s a reason for that. The 500 meter (1640 feet) long bridge connects the old town with one of the oldest districts: Malá Strana. A walk over the bridge leads you through 30 statues that were constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries. Make sure you walk here during sunset and in the dark at least once when you’re visiting Prague. Both times of the day give impressive views.

places to visit in prague - Charles Bridge

You can’t escape the Charles bridge in Prague! Make your way through the hordes of tourists on this gorgeous bridge.

5. Jewish district

Josenov, the Jewish Quarter of Prague, is located in the Old Town and contains many memories of bygone times. When crossing the Moldau (Vltava river) from Malá Strana, you practically cross the different synagogues. Here you’ll also find a cemetery and one of the most beautiful museums in the city: the Jewish Museum. Lovers of literature can visit Franz Kavka’s birthplace. The neighborhood is full of shops and nightlife so it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Prague.

places to see in Prague josenov jewish district

The Jewish cemetery in Prague has hundreds of graves leaning to one side or another. A visit is fun, but don’t forget that the Jewish quarter is ‘closed’ during the sabbath.

6. Old Town Square

The city square of the Old Town attracts many people to the capital of the Czech Republic. Everyone who walks around here among all kinds of old buildings immediately understands why. Thé attraction of the square is Prague’s astronomical clock that is located in the town hall. Especially the details of this medieval building are special. Make sure you get here once the clock reaches whole hour. A miniature parade of apostles then comes from the bottom of the door. Once you’ve seen the clock, there’s other attractions on this cosy square, making it one of the top places to visit in Prague.

old town square prague astronomical clock

During a city trip to Prague you can’t skipp the old town square. You’ll see some of the most beautiful buildings of Prague here!

7. Theater

Prague has always been a city where theater, art and literature play an important role. Today many people still book a weekend to Prague to attend a performance. If you don’t know what to see, there are always programs with the listings of all shows in Prague. You can do this in one of the many establishments, such as the State Opera or the National Theater. Whether you like theater, classical music or ballet, a theater visit is one of Prague’s top things to do.

activities prague - theater

Art and culture have alvast been important for the Czech capital. Visit the National Theater for amazing performances.

8. Zoo of Prague

Did you book a trip to Prague with your children? For them, the zoo is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to see in Prague. The park is located in Troja in the north of the city and covers about 60 hectares of land. That the Zoo of Prague lies near the Vltava river means that part of the park is lower than the rest. This was taken into account during the construction, which makes the walk through the zoo on its own one of Prague’s best things to do. From giraffes to polar bears and from birds to reptiles, you’ll find it all. The little ones will love walking through this gorgeous zoo.

excursions in prague zoo

Are you looking for things to do in Prague with kids? Or do you just want to escape the busy city? Spend a day in the zoo of Prague!

9. The dancing house

The Dancing House is one of Prague’s ‘new’ places to visit. The building was completed in 1996 and looks remarkable. With a little imagination you will see a dancing couple in the house. It’s used for exhibitions, as a hotel and has a glass bar. It’s therefore recommended to visit not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Should you only have a little time in Prague and you still want to the building, then don’t worry. The dancing house is on the route to other famous places and buildings.

dancing house prague

Not all things to see in Prague need to be historical! This fun building is worth a visit as well.

10. Strahov Monastery

Another beautiful building is the Strahov monastery. From the outside, it’s certainly no less impressive than some other historical buildings in Prague, but it’s especially the interior of the building that’s interesting for a visit. After climbing up a few steps you will enter the monastery’s private library. Two beautiful halls with a grand, valuable collection of books. Beautiful to watch! You can’t enter the rooms, but from the doorways you get a beautiful overview. Between the rooms you’ll find a small museum with all kinds of antique items.

strahov monastery prague

The second library of the monastery. Gorgeous paintings on the ceiling and amazing items. This monastery is definitely worth a visit!

11. Shopping

The Old Town is the best location to go shopping for an afternoon. Next to all of the shopping streets you’ll find department stores with big chains and cozy boutiques. Don’t focus on the main shopping street alone, because sometimes you’ll also find an alley with great sales. Who knows, perhaps you can find a nice surprise in one of Prague’s smallest streets. The Old Town is a great place to walk around with all the picturesque streets, restaurants and buildings. Occasionally, take a break to look at all that beauty. Shopping in Prague is definitely worth going to the Czech capital for!

shopping in prague

Spend all of that money! There’s a lot of shopping to do in Prague.

12. Theresienstadt

Now that I’ve talked about some of the best places to visit in Prague, let me give you some activities in the surrounding area. Theresienstadt is an old town at an hour’s drive from Prague. Here too, the Second World War has lefts its traces, which can be seen in the synagogue, the fort and the Getto Museum. In the war, the city served as a transit camp to other concentration camps, such as Auschwitz. Take your time to see all of this cruel history. You’ll be shocked what humans are capable off.

theresienstadt things to do in Prague

Theresienstadt is a side-excursion from Prague I recommend doing. Going to a concentration camp once in your life is a must.

13. Berounka

The Berounka is a river located in the west of the country and surrounded by natural beauty. This area finally offers some nature instead of all the churches, palaces and buildings of Prague. It’s therefore especially loved by active tourists. You can go canoeing, cycling and walking in a quiet, beautiful area that is not yet flooded by tourists. A welcome change compared to Prague’s historic center.

berounka river czech republic

The Berounka river crosses the whole Czech Republic, and on its way it visits quite some cute villages and gorgeous landscapes.

14. Bone church of Prague

At about forty-five minutes away from Prague you’ll find the beautiful town of Kutna Hora. The town itself is worth a visit as it houses some very beautiful buildings (especially the St. Barbara Cathedral and its surroundings), but the best attraction of this village is the bone church of Prague or the ossuary of Sedlec. This little church looks not so interesting from the outside, but once you step in, you notice that it’s completely different at the inside! The entire lower floor is filled with bones and skulls. In total there are more than forty thousand of them! For a unique day excursion, head to Kutna Hora!

prague bone church

Crazy or art? For me it was the best day excursion from Prague!

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