How to get to Murano from Venice? Info + what to see

Not only the city itself but also the islands around Venice have countless of things to see.
Burano and Murano are two of the highlights if you're looking for things to do around Venice. The latter is famous for its world-renowned Murano glass. But that's not the only asset of this remarkable island. This is why I put Murano's best sights and activities in a list for you!

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Do you want to learn more about the glas blowers of Murano? Then book a guided tour to both Murano and Burano. Online these only cost €20 per person. If you would rather plan everything yourself, then you can also buy tickets for the public transportation or just arrange your visit to one of the glass factories on the island.
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visiting murano island from venice

How the legend about the famous Murano glass came to life

Almost nowhere in the world is making glass such an art as in Murano.
1291 was the year that everything would change for this little island near Venice. After all, this was the year in which the Republic of Venice ordered all people who made glass to move to Murano because the fire risk was too high for the other Venetians. No surprising decision, as most of the houses consisted of wood in that time. However, the glass makers did as they were told, and kept on doing their daily routines. Soon they even grew to be the most prominent inhabitants of the Republic. As a reward for their hard work, they could wear a sword and could never be prosecuted by the state. Not much later, their daughters were even allowed to marry Venetian noblemen. The only thing in exchange for these privileges was that glass makers could not leave the Republic of Venice. If you were thinking about opening a store elsewhere, they risked losing their hands and sometimes they even ended up being killed.

glass birds Murano

Everywhere on the island you’ll find beautiful works of art, almost entirely made out of glass.

Murano glass today

In the meantime, you might started wondering what it is that made Murano’s glass producers so special. They were the only ones in Europe who could make glass mirrors and master sophisticated techniques such as the manufacturing of crystal glass, multicolored glass and the imitation of gems. For centuries, these talented workers dominated Europe until new techniques were developed in other countries. Today, they are still a major exporter of traditional products such as mirrors and glasses, and even faucets and chandeliers. It’s therefore not so surprising that nowadays they mainly focus on tourists…

murano island venice

The Murano islands is similar to Venice, but a lot less crowded!

The greatest things to do in Murano

Museo Vetrario (Murano Museum of Glass)

If you like more information about the Murano glass, you have to visit the Murano Glass Museum. Here you’ll get a detailed overview of the Venetian glassmakers per century. It’s also fun that you can see how the art and production of glass evolved over the centuries.
The museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm and tickets cost ten euro per person. For some age groups (including children and students) there is a discount of 2.5 euros.

Venetian glass Murano

Venetian glass or ‘Murano glass’ is colorful and can be made in almost all forms. Real beauty!

Glass factories

Of course, it’s also very interesting to see the famous glassmakers live at work. Online, you can already book a visit to one of the factories for €5 per person.
However, most factories aren’t open to the public for two reasons: they don’t want the competition to steal potential techniques and they want to make money making glass, not with entertaining tourists.
Fortunately, there are a number of factories where tourists are welcomed. You can check out the possibilities here.

After admiring all that beautiful glass, you may feel the urge to buy some glass souvenirs. Always be sure that the Vetro Artistico Murano brand mark is printed on the glass, usually on the bottom. This is a guarantee that the glass is authentic and from Murano. Unfortunately, there are a number of scammers who sell fake glass at a way higher price that the original. Be cautious and check the imprint!

Glass factory Murano

There are many glass factories in Murano, and a couple of them can even be visited!


Unfortunately, most churches were broken down on the island and replaced with glass factories in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. As a result, only four churches remain.
The Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato is without doubt the most important and interesting church of Murano and even one of the nicer ones in all of Venice. The outside looks particularly sober but don’t be fooled because the inside is richly decorated. In particular, the mosaics floor and dome are absolutely breathtaking.
In addition, you also have the Chiesa di San Pietro Martire that is worth a visit. Art lovers can admire paintings from Veronese, Bellini and the Tintoretto brothers.
Finally, you have the Campo Santo Stefano with a beautiful bell tower of the nineteenth century. Originally there was another church, but it was unfortunately lost.

santa maria e san donato basilica murano venice

The Santa Maria e San Donato basilica. For me this was the most beautiful church on this cute little island.

The Cometa di Vetra

The glass comet, or the Cometa di Vetra, is a pointy work of glass that is located right in front of the Torre dell’Orologio. This bell tower is part of the San Stefano church, and is a beautiful tourist attraction in itself, but the comet is truly the most impressive sight to be seen here.
This masterpiece was made by Simone Cenedese. It consists of 500 pieces of blown glass in six different colors and sizes. Especially in the evening and during Christmas this is a beautiful work of art, as it is also beautifully lit.

cometa di vetro murano things to do

Would you like to see an impressive piece of Venetian glass? Go see the Cometa di Vetro!

The best restaurants in Murano

On the island you can find delicious food for any budget. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always eat a piece of pizza or buy some bread and delicious cheeses or meats in a supermarket. If you don’t mind spending some money, I can recommend the following five restaurants.

La Perla ai Bisatei

Perla means pearl and this restaurant is a real gem. Great food at fair prices, that’s how it should be!

Trattoria Valmarana

Beautiful location on the edge of the water and also a great menu with delicious options.

B restaurant

Unusually large portions, so you get value for your money!


If you want to eat here, you should probably book in advance so you are assured of a table outside near the water where you’ll get a fantastic view. The prices are slightly more expensive, but you definitely get value for your money.

Osteria Acquastanca

A hidden gem. There is only room for ten tables, and they’re often taken by many locals. Not the most extensive menu but oh so tasty!

Important to know:

  • Many restaurants in Venice (and actually all over Italy) sell their fish according to its weight. An unsuspecting friend of mine thought to have gotten a bargain by paying only 10 euros for a delicious fish. What he didn’t know is that the fish is weighed before it gets filleted… So you can imagine his surprise when he got a very expensive bill!
  • Don’t forget the ‘coperto‘. Often it’s not written anywhere, but on the total price Italian restaurants add an extra charge. Some kind of tip, you could say. Most of the time it’s two euro’s per person, but I even had places charging six euros per person…
murano islands venice

Murano is one of the cutest islands around Venice. Definitely worth a day trip!

Reaching Murano

Getting to this island is child’s play thanks to the well-organized public transport. All you have to do is jump on the ACTV boat and enjoy the beautiful view.
A ticket for the public transport in Venice costs €23 for 24 hours. There’s also a pass which allows access for 75 minutes, but this already costs €10,50. Because you will spend a lot of time on these boats, I recommend you to buy tickets for multiple days. There are options for 2 and 3 days too.

From S. Zaccaria (near the San Marco Basilica and the Doge’s Palace) you have to take waterbus 4.2 which brings you to Murano in about 40 minutes. You can also take 4.1 but this will take you twenty minutes more. You can get out anywhere near the island but if you want to see the glass factories, choose the ‘Colonna‘ stop. For the Murano glass museum and the churches, choose the ‘Museo‘ stop.

From the Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia (bus and train station) take line 3 that drops you in Murano in only twenty minutes. Here too you can take a waterbus (4.1), but again, it will take quite a bit longer.

Would you rather visit everything with a guide? Then book a day trip from Venice. These only cost €20 per person and are always combined with a visit to Burano.

vaporetto venice to murano

The Vaporetto is handy, but… Leave on time! The few places are often taken over by hordes of tourists, and it takes about an hour to get there!

Four fun facts about Murano glass

  • Glass makers in Murano possess genuine recipe books that have all family secrets in them, passed from generation to generation.
  • Furthermore, they are so controlled in the making of glass that they can manufacture all kinds of delicate objects. The best known (and perhaps most beautiful) are the glass flowers. Would you like to see with your own eyes how they create these masterpieces? Then book a visit to one of the glass factories (€5).
  • The glass makers in Murano are seated in special chairs that give them the necessary support to handle the blow pipe. They also use almost exactly the same techniques and tools that were used by their ancestors in the Middle Ages.
  • At one point in history, glass was such a precious thing that it was only available to the lucky few. If you walk around an IKEA today it’s unthinkable that glass was ever a status symbol!

Once you have admired all the sights of Venice, nothing should stop you to take the vaporetto to Murano. Whether you want to admire the famous and talented glassmakers with your own eyes or just wander around, this amazing island will fascinate you right away! And for those that are absolutely in love with this Venetian glass, I have good news: you can attend a workshop in which you learn to blow glass yourself and use the famous techniques! Don’t forget to travel to Burano as well, because Burano and Murano are two islands that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Venice!

Murano things to do in Venice

Murano and Burano are among the most beautiful things to do in Venice!

Day trips to Murano

Make it easier for you and take an excursion. Venice is very touristy, so there are a lot of daily excursions to its surrounding islands from central locations. You’ll be guided to the most beautiful locations on the island, and you’ll also hear some fun stories about Murano. In addition, they are often combined with workshops or other activities related to the islands. Moreover, they really won’t break the bank. Below are some excursions with their price:

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